Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boot leggin'

      Shwhat is a "boot leg"? "The term bootlegging originally came from concealing hip flasks of alcohol in the legs of boots." Well, in our case that doesn't make any sense....

Together Nillionaire (Bootleg):

This track is a few months old but fvck it! The build up is retarded phat on this track! What is a "nillionaire"? 

The Moment (Ken Loi Bootleg):

If you're an avid harvester, you'll remember Steve Angello's 10/10 edit of this track. Ken Loi does the unthinkable and adds even BIGGER (yes, its possible) sounds with catchy vocals, blue-balling builds, and stadium-crushing drops. This one will kill the crowd time after time. Must harvest of the day. 11/10

Turbulence Are Your Friends (Revolvr Bootleg):

AWESOME BOOT LEG of Turbulence. As you can tell by the title, it is mashed with Justice Acappella. SUPER SURPRISE near 3:20. Don't want to ruin it for you but its PHAT! 
Check out Revolvr's Facebook for more free tracks! This guy is dopeeee. Must Harvest!


PS. Remember, download instructions are on the right side of the page. n00bs


  1. I can't seem to hear the Justice acapella in the final bootleg O_O. Mistake?

  2. AHHHHH, I messed up the link. Thank you for correcting me! Check back now and enjoy :)

  3. Thank you! I was at work re-listening to it and could not hear it. You're the best by the way I'm always checking in on your blog and listening to all the new music you post. Keep up the good work!