Thursday, April 21, 2011


    It's the freakin' weekin' so I'm coming at you hard with big b33ts to blow your brains backwards! I've selected a nice range to keep everyone interested; including the long awaited instrumental mix to Wolfgang's latest track! Get busy!

Raveolution (Original Mix):

Get juiced off this heavy electro track! My favorite part is the eerie build up at 1:50.

Forever (Instrumental Mix):

Its finally here! The long awaited instrumental of Wolfgang's latest project. While this track is a little soft around the edges, keep in mind it was meant to have someone singing over it. Nonetheless, it's still bangs in every sense of the word, ya heard?

Party Rock Anthem (DJ Inferno Remix):

THIS IS THE HARVEST OF THE DAY! DJ Enferno turns the poppy-club track upside down with serious hard-style breaks and a shotgun blast of BASS! Me likey! 

Future Proof (Original Mix):

If you like teeth shattering, call & response dubstep, this is the track for you! Surprisingly, the reggae melody works pretty nicely with the rest of the track. Real dirty, real loud. 

I'm Coming Home With You (Original Mix):

Size Records (Steve Angello's label) recently released two massive house tunes from Carl Louis and Martin Danielle's latest EP entitled, "Little". While both tracks blew my mind, this one was my favorite. Its going to be huuuuggee!!


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