Monday, April 4, 2011

Wolfgang's Homecoming

     It can be said with confidence that Wolfgang Gartner (Joey Youngman) has changed the name of House music. He has captured the hearts and the charts worldwide through his intricate, powerful musical presence. After multiple #1s on the Beatport Charts, a few Grammy nominations, and traveling the world to play for sell-out arena shows, the time has come for Mr. Youngman to return to place where it all began.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 @The Graduate in San Luis Obispo, Wolfgang Gartner will be ripping open your ear drums with the heaviest house music alive! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!
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And don't be late because you don't want to miss out on supporting acts by heavy hitter HARVARD BASS and some of SLO's hottest local DJs.

Here are some essential's from Wolfgang and Harvard Bass to prepare you for the utter chaos that shall be ensued:
***Due to time constraints, I left out the player. All are a MUST HARVEST!! (look at download instructions on the right side of the page)******* 


Steppin' Out Undertaker:

Cold Act III (Wolfgang Gartner Monster Mix):


Anthology (Madeon Mashup):

Harvard Bass:
World Class Driver (Harvard Bass Remix):

I Wanna See You (Harvard Bass Remix):

Pruno (Original Mix):

Eat your b33ts

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