Saturday, April 9, 2011

Forever ft.

     A couple days back, I was lucky enough to witness Wolfgang Gartner LIVE in the flesh; unleashing the beast on the one and twos. His set was flawless; mixing together TONS of new tracks from his upcoming album, as well as signature, old school tracks like his 5th symphony. You're probably thinking " story bro....where the fvck is the b33ts at?". I'M GETTING THERE! As I was scouring the interwebz, I came across his newly released b33t featuring from the Black Eyed Peas. Wolfgang does his end of the part with hard hitting electro-house. My only complaint would hating on his hustle (as many people do) but the vocals are a little annoying and take away from the Wolfgang intricacies. 

Forever ft (Radio Edit):

I'll be looking out for the instrumental version of this bad boy.
Give it a listen, lemme know whatchu think.

Check out some vids from the action Tuesday night!
*Note: All were taken from my digital camera so I apologize for the bad quality.

Brand New Wolfgang track. Its very Undertaker-esque but a banger nonetheless! This b33t is going to be HUGE and his album is going to be nuts!

Finally found an ID for this track. Also fairly new, I think he is mixing in another song because if you check out other vids on youtube of this track, they don't hit as hard. IF this is two different tracks, please let me know what the other track is!

YES! Ended his set with this bad boy. Crowd went ham-boni macaroni!
OH, check out his new stage set up! Daft Punk has the triangle, Deadmau5 has the cube, Justice has the cross, Wolfgang has ......
The Space Station 3000
Another note: On his Facebook page, he is asking his fans what it should be called.
I want everyone to go and write "The Space Station 3000" :)


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