Tuesday, April 19, 2011


      YOHOHOHOOO!! I'm finally back after a weekend of getting healed by mother nature. Upon arriving back to civilization, the music world happily greeted me back with the release of MULTIPLE chart raping tracks!!! Instead of doing individual posts on each artist, I've compiled all the tracks in this post as an early Happy-Easter-b33t-basket! Yes, today IS too good to be true. Your speakers are going to hate you after today. 

Encoded (Original Mix):

IT IS FINALLY HERE! After Hardwell's huge success with his monster-collab. track, Zero 76, he follows it up with his own solo-flair in this hard-edged, prog. house monster. The big room sound off this track is AMAZINGjkzxckjlzclksdjfds!!!! MUST HARVEST!

The Bottle Song (Original Mix):

If Afrojack is all over your nuts, you must be doing it right! With big support from one of the biggest dutch producers in the world, DJ R3hab is blowing up the scene with some serious, A+ ear filth! KØP!

All Night ft. John B (Original Mix):

Jack Beats is back with 2 fresh tracks off their latest EP, All Night. Both tracks stick to the classic J-beats sound we know and love: lots of heavy wobble and funky percussion back beats. Bodies will hit the floor. 
This b33t did take a while to grow on me. Give it a couple listens and you'll be back on their nuts. 

Elevator Music (Original Mix):

Sshhhh.....here's the second track off their EP. O_O

Is it too late for me to start participating in lent?

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