Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big things to come! (Preview Post)

    Sorry ladies and gents, no b33ts to harvest today. In the next coming weeks, big things are to come from big producers; so I thought I'd go ahead and post some preview material in preparation for this epic month of April. 

First and foremost, if you guys remember, a few weeks back I posted a preview of a collaboration between Afrojack and DJ R3hab (with a 3). Well this guy R3hab (who is relatively new to me) is about to put out some monster tracks in the month of April, so be on the look out:

Crackabaddle & grindonasnobbymodel

Filthy as fvck!!!! Dutch House is the shiieeet. Me likey!

Of course Avicii is pumping out some new tracks. This boy never stops! The craziest part is, his productions continue to 1-up each other. Check out his latest (and possibly greatest):

Just plain beautiful! *wipes tear from eye*
I'll bet you a 100$ he'll be at EDC Vegas this year!

I hope nobody forgot about Hardwell. At the young age of 23, this prodigy is kicking up a storm. If you thought Zero 76 was fvcking nuts, check out his latest teaser vid. for his single Encoded:

What is annoying is that he put out this video almost a month ago and still no downloadable track....
Either way, I'll be first in the eLine when this track finally gets released.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. All these future-fresh b33ts has got my panties in a bunch!!! Shvt is going to get wilder than Compton on 4Loko.

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