Thursday, April 14, 2011

b33t basquet!

^What I'll be doing this weekend

      I guess you can say I'm a little bitter about not being able to attend this weekend's Coachella festivities....but instead of sitting in my room sulking all weekend, I'll be testing my manhood against mother nature's finest. Either way, whether you're passed out in the desert due to the consumption of copious amounts of drugs and likker or in my case, blacked out due to high altitude, may we all have life changing experiences and grow as people! Alright, that last part was just stupid. EAT YOUR B33TS! ROCK OUT WITH YOUR CLOCK OUT! BIG THINGS FOR THIS WEEKEND! LEZZGO!

Louder (Original Mix):


Rope (Deadmau5 Mix):

Deadmao-five adds a dark, prog. edge to the Foo Fighter's latest single. 
*edit: After listening to the lyrics, is the guy asking for some rope to hang himself...?

Ray Ban Vision (Lucky Beard Remix):

Fiery remix of A-track's original! Lucky Beard aka Phra of Crookers turns the swag up on this track times a million!

Away (Arteno Divini Remix);

Arteno takes Markus Schulz latest single and adds louder, dirtier synth that turns the former airy trance tune into fist pumping gold!

"If I die, I pray the lord my soul to keep."
Good luck to all you desert goers. Send me a postcard?

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