Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Chunez

      I don't feel so hot today so I'm going to make it short. A few days ago, Moguai and Sofi of mau5trap records dropped a PHAT new single that sounds completely different from any of their previous work. Funky electro synth lines with hard driving percussion back beats! Shvt is wicked dope! Check it 000t:

Beat of the Drum ft. Sofi:


In For The Kill (Le Castle Vania Remix):

I know this is long past over due but I just came across this track so...EFF YOU. When the orginal first dropped, dubstep producers tore it a new a-hole with a million different remixes. Le Castle Vania 1-ups all of them and MURDERS it with his electro-punk influence. THIS is the BEST remix out there.

Drunk Skunk (LA Riots Remix):

Old track but its being released all over the interwebz in 320 so COP! This track was featured along with 62 other tracks on last years Ministry of Sound 7 compilation album. One of the best M.o.S.'s in my opinion. GO FIND IT AND DOWNLOAD. Its where I discovered Afrojack, Yolanda Be Cool, and all those other beasts "early" in their careers.


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