Thursday, March 31, 2011


      Thursdays are the new Fridays which means its officially the start of the weekend! Today, I've got some juicy, organic, big room house b33ts that are loud, proud, and will move the crowd! Fresh releases from Avicii, John Dahlback, and more. Get on yo knees and start harvesting b33ts!
Animale (French Government Remix):

Disco-pop that makes the crowd rock! Let the b33t drawp!

Blessed (Avicii Edit):

Praise the lawd! Church slapper right hurrr! Avicii has been dishing out tracks like Chris Paul dishes out assists; Every single one of them being a dime!
Bonus Avicii track that continues to prove his versatility:
Did A Bad Bad Thing (Original Mix):

Who would've ever thought of sampling the blues to make a dance track?!!? Unique and dope!

Come Undone (Original Mix):

This b33t is a phat collab. between todays biggest prog. house producers John Dahlback, Tommy Trash, and Sam Obernik. Cheery, upbeat, amish slapper!

Illiad (Original Mix): 

ZOMG! Gut busting, massive, dance floor killer!  Interesting progression into discombobulating drops! 

Happy Caesar Salad day! (jk, happy Caesar Chavessssss day) 

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