Tuesday, March 15, 2011


        What up farmurz! Today, we talk about sex! Actually, we're going to talk about tech-house. I've been wanting to do a post on this genre of music for a while and now that I've got the timeeeelbashblahblahblah.....When I first started listening to electronic music, like the majority of you, anything that had a 4/4 time signature and had laser sounds, was considered "techno" in my book. My ignorance only led me to be shunned by all the kool kidz at the klub, so to help you save some face, let me break it down in a simple manner:
Tech-house is the sub genre of techno and house; taking the minimalist and rhythm approach of techno combined with deep-soulful house. This stuff is like a rabid chinchilla; smooth as tits but crazy as a mawfvcka! Instead of giving you an endless description of what it sounds likes, have a listen!

Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix):

One of the best tech-house producers in my opinion. Note the funky latin back beat and the time it takes for the song to progress. 

Get On The Move (Original Mix):

This is more of a house track but its got a lot of techy elements to it and will make you want to rip your damn face off.

Loca People (Original Mix):

Huge, amish, tech-house slapper! Ghost ride your wagon!

Budgie (Original Mix):

HOLY SHVT! THIS IS WHAT TECH-HOUSE IS ALL ABOUT. I've been saving the best for last. For those who are going to Beyond Wonderland this weekend, DO NOT MISS OUT ON FUNKAGENDA! This guy the definition of smooth!!! I'm talking slicked back hair, handle bar mustache, makes-The-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-World-look-like-a-dirty-wizard smooth!! This is song came out about 2 weeks and ago and blew up to #4 on the Beatport charts in a matter of hours. Have a listen, thank me later.


B-b-b-bonus tech-house b33t that'll make you cream your pants >_<
Shinjuku (Original Mix):

Funkagenda is toooo damn good!

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