Friday, March 11, 2011

Prutataaaaa Sneak Peak

     This video just popped up on Afrojack's YouTube Channel. It's a preview of his newest single, Prutata (currently a working title and will probably change when the song is ready for release), also collaborated with DJ R3hab. THIS TUNE IS GOING TO BE MASSIVE. I'll say it once and say it again, Afrojack is stepping his game up like no other! He has brought dutch house to another level!

     This video is more recent work from Afrojack, specially geared towards this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami (currently going on this weekend, March 8-11). @1:29 he scrolls over his track list, revealing tons of unreleased tracks! Got to see him soon one time! If you're 21+ and in CA, GO SEE HIM TUESDAY, MARCH 15th @The Music Box in LA! And just to clarify, basically, the WMC is a gathering every artist/industry worker in the music business as well any one else who wants to go, where non stop work shops and performances take place. It's a 120-hr long party!!!!!! Think up a few names in your head then find them on this LIST

Afrojack por presidente! 
Yeah! I speak spanish! (not really but its okay)

On a serious side note: My thoughts go out to Japan. It's almost unreal... Lets hope the world can react swiftly in turning this disaster around. 

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