Thursday, March 24, 2011

Le Castle Vania!

      Reppin' tha Durty Souf, ATL native, Le Castle Vania is storming the scene with his loud, disco-punk, electro slammers! Most recently, DIM records released his latest single, Is You, for FREE along with the release of the 2nd part installment of his raucous mix series, The Bullet Proof Tiger. I see Le Castle Vania as part of a new movement of music. He incorporates vicious, dark electro beats with funky, disco synth lines that leave you unsure as to whether or not you should to smash your head against a wall or just plain out cut some rug! One thing for certain, his music will MOVE YOU. Be on the look out for this young producer head lining a main stage near you! N_joy

The Bullet Proof Tiger Mixtape Vol. 2:

Click the little down arrow to harvest!

Here are some single tracks that are all a must-harvest from LCV:
Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix):

This b33t has been blowing out my speakers the past 148.431 hours!!!!! 

Nobody Gets Out Alive:

Excuse me....your ears are on the floor.

Nobody Gets Out Alive (12th Planet & Flinch Remix):

For the dubsteppers, an equally awesome bass-charged remix

N.V.D. (Le Castle Vania & Computer Club Remix):

Filthy, filthy, FIL-FVCKING-THY. 

By now, its been nailed into your brain that LCV does it dirtier than the East Side Boyz! 
Moar tracks that you should check out that can ALL be downloaded for FREE on his WEBSITE.

-Rock out with your spock out

5 days til Fight Club is Closed

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