Thursday, March 31, 2011


      Thursdays are the new Fridays which means its officially the start of the weekend! Today, I've got some juicy, organic, big room house b33ts that are loud, proud, and will move the crowd! Fresh releases from Avicii, John Dahlback, and more. Get on yo knees and start harvesting b33ts!
Animale (French Government Remix):

Disco-pop that makes the crowd rock! Let the b33t drawp!

Blessed (Avicii Edit):

Praise the lawd! Church slapper right hurrr! Avicii has been dishing out tracks like Chris Paul dishes out assists; Every single one of them being a dime!
Bonus Avicii track that continues to prove his versatility:
Did A Bad Bad Thing (Original Mix):

Who would've ever thought of sampling the blues to make a dance track?!!? Unique and dope!

Come Undone (Original Mix):

This b33t is a phat collab. between todays biggest prog. house producers John Dahlback, Tommy Trash, and Sam Obernik. Cheery, upbeat, amish slapper!

Illiad (Original Mix): 

ZOMG! Gut busting, massive, dance floor killer!  Interesting progression into discombobulating drops! 

Happy Caesar Salad day! (jk, happy Caesar Chavessssss day) 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Fight Club is Closed

       WATTTTTUPPO B33T FARMERS!! After unleashing pent up electronic fury this past weekend at Ultra, it looks like the producers are finally ready to bring the party to a set of speakers near YOU! Today marks the release of two of MASSIVE TRACKS from Dada Life and Afrojack; on top of that, I've included a few bonus b33ts! Get harvesting!!!!! BIIEETTCH!!!

Fight Club is Closed (It's Time For Rock N' Roll):

I personally think they went a little weaker on this track (compared to Red Meat/White Noise); there is more room for it to hit a lot harder. Nonetheless it still is covered in all the Dada elements that get us juiced! Køp!

Doing It Right:

YES! That it all I can say! Afrojack has never failed to bring the noise! In this bombtastic b33t, he show cases his best producing capabilities with stadium house breaks that compare to the Swedish House Mafia! Of course, he doesn't forget to slam you through the ground with some violent bass. Køp NOW!

B-b-b-boner! (Bonus):
Civilization (Original Mix):

NEW JUSTICE! The French-Electro Gods perfectly melt electro with classic rock influences to birth a stadium destroyer! *Note: This b33t is in 256 kbps! (All the other sites are handing out this in 192k or less)


Brand new Skrillex. Would you guys hate me if I said I'm getting a little bored of his production? Either way, this track goes pretty hard; you guys will appreciate it. 

Going HAM as always,

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Chunez

      I don't feel so hot today so I'm going to make it short. A few days ago, Moguai and Sofi of mau5trap records dropped a PHAT new single that sounds completely different from any of their previous work. Funky electro synth lines with hard driving percussion back beats! Shvt is wicked dope! Check it 000t:

Beat of the Drum ft. Sofi:


In For The Kill (Le Castle Vania Remix):

I know this is long past over due but I just came across this track so...EFF YOU. When the orginal first dropped, dubstep producers tore it a new a-hole with a million different remixes. Le Castle Vania 1-ups all of them and MURDERS it with his electro-punk influence. THIS is the BEST remix out there.

Drunk Skunk (LA Riots Remix):

Old track but its being released all over the interwebz in 320 so COP! This track was featured along with 62 other tracks on last years Ministry of Sound 7 compilation album. One of the best M.o.S.'s in my opinion. GO FIND IT AND DOWNLOAD. Its where I discovered Afrojack, Yolanda Be Cool, and all those other beasts "early" in their careers.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Le Castle Vania!

      Reppin' tha Durty Souf, ATL native, Le Castle Vania is storming the scene with his loud, disco-punk, electro slammers! Most recently, DIM records released his latest single, Is You, for FREE along with the release of the 2nd part installment of his raucous mix series, The Bullet Proof Tiger. I see Le Castle Vania as part of a new movement of music. He incorporates vicious, dark electro beats with funky, disco synth lines that leave you unsure as to whether or not you should to smash your head against a wall or just plain out cut some rug! One thing for certain, his music will MOVE YOU. Be on the look out for this young producer head lining a main stage near you! N_joy

The Bullet Proof Tiger Mixtape Vol. 2:

Click the little down arrow to harvest!

Here are some single tracks that are all a must-harvest from LCV:
Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix):

This b33t has been blowing out my speakers the past 148.431 hours!!!!! 

Nobody Gets Out Alive:

Excuse me....your ears are on the floor.

Nobody Gets Out Alive (12th Planet & Flinch Remix):

For the dubsteppers, an equally awesome bass-charged remix

N.V.D. (Le Castle Vania & Computer Club Remix):

Filthy, filthy, FIL-FVCKING-THY. 

By now, its been nailed into your brain that LCV does it dirtier than the East Side Boyz! 
Moar tracks that you should check out that can ALL be downloaded for FREE on his WEBSITE.

-Rock out with your spock out

5 days til Fight Club is Closed

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tron Reconfigured

      Tron Legacy: Reconfigured leaked a few days and goooood lawd almighty, the album is M-A-ZiiiiinnnnG! All the artists, from Avicii and Sander Kleinenberg to the likes of The Crystal Method and Pretty Lights, do a spectacular job tweaking the tracks to their respective style; from acid infused, electro to smooth, melodic tron-house, this album has got it all! The first album was like landing on the moon, innovative and new. This remix album is like landing on the moon...... and then having sex with aliens!!! Innovative, new, and ABSURDLY AWESOME! N_Joy

The Grid (The Crystal Method Remix):


Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix):


Derezzed (Avicii Remix):


End Of The Line (Boys Noize Remix):


These tracks are just the tip of the iceberg, make sure to check out the rest of the album!

Spacial Transmitted Diseases

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Am I the only one that thinks Lady Gaga looks like a man?

      Apparently today is the day of the next big earthquake in CA? If thats the case, here are some b33t bangers you can slap in your bomb shelter until shvt is safe again. Ruh-ruh-ruh-reeeeeemix! Back in the old days, when I was an avid rap listener, my OCD wouldn't allow me to like remixes. Reason being, it got boring when all that would change is the lyrics. Remixes are sensitive, I can count more times people butcher a good song then make it better. In dance music, its a lot more different because its not just the words that are changing. The artist has the power to completely change every aspect of the song, adding their own style and what not. Below are some PHAT remixes that have been spreading like crabs in a brothel. N_Joy

Starting it off with TWO delectable remixes of Lady Gaga's newest single.
Born This Way (Dada Life Remix):


Born This Way (Michael Woods Remix):

Both tracks turn the boring pop tune into club fire; I personally dig the heavy prog. sound in the Woods remix.

Its The Music (Miles Dyson Remix):

LOVE THIS GUY! This guy is the KING of dirty bass, I can't get enough. I would make references to how this b33t will shake a club harder then a 9.0 earthquake etc etc but due to current times, I think I'll hold back. 

Turbulence (The Kickstart Remix):

This remix is easily the original's equal! Throw this in your set to mix it up, people will melt to the floor. Favorite part is around 4:05. 

Well, I'm gonna go lie in a wide open field with large speakers and some b33rz.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's

     TOP O' THE MAWNIN' TO YA! So, I'm not really sure what this holiday is really all about but I think how it works is, you get belligerently drunk off "Irish" drinks (food color anything green and it counts as Irish) and wear a shvt ton of green to commemorate the white man and the origin of alcoholism. Sounds like a good time to me! I tried to look for "Irish" influenced music but most of it is a bunch of saggy, 40 year old men in trashy, wanna-be hard rock-folk bands (YEAH I'm calling out the Dropkick Murphys. You know you've hit rock bottom when you have a commercial on MTV to promote your latest album.) As we all know, the food of the true blooded Irish man is, nope, NOT potatoes....YUP, fresh b33tz!

What Up Ya'll:

Kick it off with some old school Crookers! This track is dirtier than walking into a room of 100 little leprechauns running train on a 300 pound Irish wench! 

Lick The Lizard:

New Rusko collaboration with Reso. Very different sound, can't really seem to put my finger on it. Nonetheless its loud, anthem-charged, and filthy. I'm not sure what licking the lizard is in reference to but the song also talks about groping orangoutangs and spanking monkeys so.............
Maybe its the British version of the Birds and the Bees?

Start Again (Hook N Sling Remix):

Hook N Sling always comes through with the house bangers! Nice big room sound. 

Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix):

Best for last! Madeon continues to destroy everything in his path with this Nu-Disco, electro-house infused b33t. This song is going to shoot up the charts. Not to mention, that french is so damn sexy! ME LIKEY! 

HR 8938 Cephei:

I wasn't going to post this because its every where already but what the hell. I found myself losing attention whilst listening to this track but you might feel different. It'll be good for your miserable, head splitting hang over tomorrow morning.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


      Little did I know Adidas would be the one breaking the news. Nonetheless, Christmas has officially come early! To make this short and sweet, Justice is releasing a single from their NEWEST album on iTunes April 4th (probably earlier on Beatport?)!! New album means WORLD TOUR!!! 2011 just got better

I'm giddier than a school girl right now!!! What has it been? Like 5 million years since their last album?


     It's been quite some time since we've heard anything new from multi-talented, electronic song writer/producer, Calvin Harris. He finally debuted his most recent single, rightfully titled, Awooga! The self proclaimed Creator of Disco steps away from his normal pop-disco genre and creates a house-fused, dance floor killer! Disregard whether you think this song is up to par with his past work and instead just ask yourself if you like the song or not. I smell some kinktastic remixes headed our way. 


Gon' git up N dance right N proper! Yurrrrrr

due to my whack ass school schedule, I have to make smaller posts on M/W. Srry

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


        What up farmurz! Today, we talk about sex! Actually, we're going to talk about tech-house. I've been wanting to do a post on this genre of music for a while and now that I've got the timeeeelbashblahblahblah.....When I first started listening to electronic music, like the majority of you, anything that had a 4/4 time signature and had laser sounds, was considered "techno" in my book. My ignorance only led me to be shunned by all the kool kidz at the klub, so to help you save some face, let me break it down in a simple manner:
Tech-house is the sub genre of techno and house; taking the minimalist and rhythm approach of techno combined with deep-soulful house. This stuff is like a rabid chinchilla; smooth as tits but crazy as a mawfvcka! Instead of giving you an endless description of what it sounds likes, have a listen!

Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix):

One of the best tech-house producers in my opinion. Note the funky latin back beat and the time it takes for the song to progress. 

Get On The Move (Original Mix):

This is more of a house track but its got a lot of techy elements to it and will make you want to rip your damn face off.

Loca People (Original Mix):

Huge, amish, tech-house slapper! Ghost ride your wagon!

Budgie (Original Mix):

HOLY SHVT! THIS IS WHAT TECH-HOUSE IS ALL ABOUT. I've been saving the best for last. For those who are going to Beyond Wonderland this weekend, DO NOT MISS OUT ON FUNKAGENDA! This guy the definition of smooth!!! I'm talking slicked back hair, handle bar mustache, makes-The-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-World-look-like-a-dirty-wizard smooth!! This is song came out about 2 weeks and ago and blew up to #4 on the Beatport charts in a matter of hours. Have a listen, thank me later.


B-b-b-bonus tech-house b33t that'll make you cream your pants >_<
Shinjuku (Original Mix):

Funkagenda is toooo damn good!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prutataaaaa Sneak Peak

     This video just popped up on Afrojack's YouTube Channel. It's a preview of his newest single, Prutata (currently a working title and will probably change when the song is ready for release), also collaborated with DJ R3hab. THIS TUNE IS GOING TO BE MASSIVE. I'll say it once and say it again, Afrojack is stepping his game up like no other! He has brought dutch house to another level!

     This video is more recent work from Afrojack, specially geared towards this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami (currently going on this weekend, March 8-11). @1:29 he scrolls over his track list, revealing tons of unreleased tracks! Got to see him soon one time! If you're 21+ and in CA, GO SEE HIM TUESDAY, MARCH 15th @The Music Box in LA! And just to clarify, basically, the WMC is a gathering every artist/industry worker in the music business as well any one else who wants to go, where non stop work shops and performances take place. It's a 120-hr long party!!!!!! Think up a few names in your head then find them on this LIST

Afrojack por presidente! 
Yeah! I speak spanish! (not really but its okay)

On a serious side note: My thoughts go out to Japan. It's almost unreal... Lets hope the world can react swiftly in turning this disaster around. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

T.S.I.T.: Thank Shiva Its Thursday

"Eeeey.....Yew Trynuhhh par-D?"

       Sorry for the neglect, I've had to deal with a lot off bullshvt this past week, my head is about to pop. Here's a few, quick life lessons that will save you pain and strife later down the road:
1. Always get a tracking # on a package and if it's important enough, get package insurance.
I can tell you don't care about my troubles and woes and just want me for the juicy b33ts I got for you :( 
This week's Weekend B33t Basket has got a lil sum sum for erryone. Featuring some hot, new trance, booty shaking house, and for you dirty girls, some sloppy dubstep. N_joy

Young Lions (Original Mix):

Daddy's back and he's taking it back to his roots! Tiesto pulls away from his recent house production and brings back his signature big room, bass-injected tranze! Aka the stuff that mainstreamed edm like no other! While this isn't his best track in this genre, it's nice to see that he hasn't gone completely to the dark side. Rumor on the street, New Tiesto album in 2012! Nice way to end the last year on Earth! 

Sun & Moon (Club Mix):

It's not hard to see why Above & Beyond have a cult following. For this single off their upcoming album, they bring the big guns out in this turbulent trance track: Mesmerizing chord progressions and stadium bass create a universe of magic and unicorns. If anyone's music is going to bring world peace, A&B gets my vote.

Allllright, time to stir it up a bit....
Timebomb (Mercer Remix):

I lost it. Verrrrry creative!!! One criticism: I will say the break down isn't so great. If you're going to sample Dre, people better be on all fours when it drops; sadly, it didn't do it for me. You be the judge.

Fuck You (Bart B More Remix):

This track finally got released as a single off Mr. B More's JanFebMar11 Mix. The more I listened to the track the more it grew on me. Kind of acidy, interesting take on the original. Definitely worth a listen.

Big Bass Drum (Original Mix):

Again, the world first got a taste of this massive b33t off Dada's Feb Mix. If you haven't already heard this track, well, lets just say its your lucky day. You know the feeling when you find money on the ground or the milf next door eye-fvcks you while you get the morning paper? Yeahhhhh man g-g-g-giggggidddy go0o0o0o0oo0oo00O_O

Two tracks from a new guy I've never heard of but shvt is HOT! His name is Fytch and he is here to PUMP you UP! 
Earthquake (Fytch Remix):

House and trance are like fresh fruits, dubstep is like a Big Mac deep-fried, and slathered with massive amounts of butter and Jack Dagnulz. Nonetheless its fun to listen to and gets girls to dance dirtier than ....dirt? I'm running out of clever metaphors :(((

Love Don't Let Me Go (Fytch's Superman Remix):

AHHHHH ANOTHER AWESOME RAP SAMPLE combined with an old D-Guetta bangz0r!!! Whose the rapper? I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Feminem. Teeth clencher right hurrr!!!! Awesome b33t.

Excuse me while I got cry about my misfortunes :( and again, FVCK YOU fvcks!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chase & Status

     More dubstep today. By now you've probably heard of Chase & Status. Following their growing fame and latest album, No Idols,  the versatile, drum&bass-dubstep duo will be spreading massive amounts of filth in late April @ The Music Box in LA! Bodies are going to hit the floor.
Get your tickets: HERE!!!!!

Below are 3 tracks that will give you a good idea of what to expect.

No Problem:

Some classic drum & bass with reggae-moombahtoonish flair. 

Flashing Lights (ft. Subfocus & Takura):

Awesome collab. with Subfocus and Takura! Basslines ride reeeallll deep and sink through your bones! 

Hitz (ft. Tinie Tempah):

Showing off their versatility in this track, Tinie Tempah raps over a hip-hop driven beat. 


Monday, March 7, 2011


        Just when it started getting a little too quiet in the music scene, this video popped up on teh interwebz (! A small preview of their newest upcoming track "Fight Club Is Closed (It's Time for Rock N' Roll)"! Classic head banging, basstastic, hard hitting DADA LIFE! I can't fvcking wait! Mark your calendars for March 29th! 

Sorry for being a tease, no music to harvest today :(
Be on the look out for a big tech-house post in a couple of days!

PS. I like how they take time to put together these preview vids hahaha 
They know how to party
PPS. Anyone notice how freaking long Stefan's neck is? lawls

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Petsbud N fresh weekend FUEGO

      Waz Krakin! AND the weekend begins.....what better way to start the madness than delivering you a  hefty serving of bass! Today, I got a couple of dubstep/drum & bass tracks that are dirty and crooked like a British man's teefz! As well as some fresh new club FIRE. Prepare for some womptastic wobble and bring an extra pair of underwear cuz its about ta get durrrrrttyyy. 

Russian Lullaby: 

Left hook. I have no idea who this guy(s?) is but good luck trying to fall asleep to this filthy track.


This track reminds me of a combination of Rusko's large, stadium sound and Skrillex's spazztastic style. Add this b33t to your basket.

Flashing Lights (High Contrast Remix):

Drum and bass is starting to grow on me a little. Its hard driving and gets your blood pumping! Here's a fun remix to my favorite Kanye song. I like the extra bounce added to this track.  

Chords (Original Mix):

BRAND NEW AFROJACK. Don't except heavy bass drops etc etc. and before you toss this track aside, give it 5 listens and you'll start to appreciate the subtleties. Very smooth, different prog. house sound that he doesn't normally do! Me likey!

Baby Got Back (Bingo Players Bootleg):

How to be the cool kid this weekend:
1. Walk over to speakers
2. Turn off the other shvt people are playing
3. Play this b33t
4. Grab a large wooden stick to fend off all the broadz that are going to be trying to have your babies.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last Night: Afrojack Remix vs S&H remix

      Vassap b33t farmers. Today, I got 2 hot remixes of Ian Carrey's track, Last Night. The original blows nuts, but luckily, Afrojack and Spencer & Hill decided to do a small favor for Mr. Carrey and transform his monotonous production into a slapping club anthem that will have women ripping off clothing and every phrat boy pumping their steroid-filled arms 100 mph. 

Last Night (Afrojack Remix):

Afrojack has evolved immensely over the past few years, improving every aspect of his production style and matching himself against some of the best in the business. In this remix, he playful incorporates smooth, robotic crescendos with his signature horns, that pulls in the listener ever so gently. Without any regard, he shuts it down with heavy, dirty dutch bass, causing serious head trauma.
ONE THING I DON'T LIKE: Why the fvck did he sample the part about "peeing" and repeatedly uses that as his main vocals for the song? Some ones got a golden shower fetish......what a sick bstrd

Last Night (Spencer & Hill):

Instead of referencing urination the entire track, Spencer & Hill actually uses a majority of the vocals from the original song...which I find more pleasant to listen to. The remix differs from the original in the simple fact that it actually sounds good. Masters of inappropriate, electro-house, your ears will feel violated when it drops. This b33t finely rides the line of being a stadium rave-banger or something that will get overplayed in every club in the world. Good shvt. 

I really have to pee....