Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What ever is on my mind

The worst part of wearing shoes like these, is telling your parents you're GAY!

     Double-you-tee-eff. I'm no fashion guru but I know ugly when I see it. Who the fvck buys shoes like that? I mean, seriously....who goes into a shoe store, looks at those and thinks "Wow, I would look so freaking awesome rocking a pair of  those rollerblade-space boot hybrids!" They aren't even worthy to be called shoes!!! The thing that made me even more outraged is that they were selling for TWO-HUNDRED DOLLARS! Do you know what I could buy with 200 dollars?!!? A copious amount of methamphetamine! Okkayyy...getting off topic here. 
     My thoughts have been all over the place lately so this post doesn't have too much direction......My car's tape deck decided to call it quits so instead of being able to listen to my ipod, I have to burn CDs. Due to the massive amounts of new music pouring in/growing bored of listening to the same songs day in and day out, I have to constantly burn new CDs. Below, I'm sharing 4 hawt traxXx that are currently being overplayed on my latest car mix. Take a gander:

Red Meat/White Noise (Peace Treaty Remix):

The trio have just dropped their newest EP titled Changes!!! Go to Beatport and check it out now! It's phat! Saw 1/3 of them last Thursday at a local lounge; Besides having to constantly throw 'bows to give myself some breathing room and the over-attendance of phrat-boy meat heads, it was a face melting show! About this track: At first I hated this remix. Probably because the first half doesn't sound any more different then the original but I decided to give it a few more solid listens and I am now a changed man! Get to the 1:30 mark and Peace Treaty turns it ON! Definitely a new favorite!

AWWW WTF. 4-finger scroll on my Mac just stopped working all of a sudden!!! Fuhhh----must....finish post....

Lights (Dream Remix):

I know! This song has been remixed to death! I was going to share the Bass Nectar remix with you, but you probably have it already. If it ain't the original, or BN remix, it's THIS ONE! Dream keeps it smooth but adds just enough filth to keep you grimy dubstep lovers satisfied. Prizz-zops my man. 
PS. Ellie Goulding has the most mesmerizing voice in the thinks I'm in love...>_<

While we are on the topic of dubstep, here is an absolute monster track!
The Wrestler (Original Mix):

Good god! This track is like getting F5'd by Brock Molester then taking a steel chair to the back of the head! Girls are going to want to get knaykid N mud wrastle to this dirty, dirty, did I say DIRTTTTYY track.

French Jeans (Dada Life):

2 MORE DAYS!!! By now you guys know how gay I am for Dada Life (no homo). Yet another banger (I'm starting to get sick of all these songs....PSYCHHEE!) from the banana-champagne-loving-face-melting-swedish duo! 

Please let your friends know about our current URL change! It would be great help! Extra love to the loyal b33t harvesters! and a double-fvck you to Apple for the shvtty track pad....I WANT MY 4-finger SCROLL BACK!!!


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