Friday, February 11, 2011

WAKE UP CALL (w/ Remixes)

     First and foremost, my ear drums are permanently damaged from the savagery of last nights escapades; having the Dada unleashed upon my soul. Two hours of punishing bass like nothing the world has ever seen. It was brutal and life changing indeed. I write all this but I don't think you guys get it...IT WAS THE MOST INTENSE SHOW I'VE EVER BEEN TO!! While some might say Dada's production are simple etc etc, they throw down a ridiculous live show:
**NOTE: My shvtty digicam. does not do this video justice but here is a SMALL taste of the insanity:

Any ways, I know you've all had a tough week and it's time to WAKE UP. A buddy of mine showed me this track a few months back and I was planning to post it asap but I guess I forgot? It's a pump-up jam collab with Mistah Steve Aoki and Sidney Samson. It's got dutch sounds mixed with some heavy bass, me thinks you'll likey. Also, I've included recent remixes by Peace Treaty and Datsik (for the dubhedz).

Wake Up Call (Original Mix):

Can you hear the alarm clock sample? Just playin' but this b33t would be a great morning chune to get you juiced

Wake Up Call (Peace Treaty Remix):

Super House.

Wake Up Call (Datsik Remix):



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