Saturday, February 26, 2011


      If you haven't noticed, there is a recent growing trend of Swedish producers tearing up the edm scene....WTF is their government putting in the water?!!??!!!?!? Avicii aka Tim Berg aka Tim Bergling, already has his own world tour, multiple songs on the Beatport Top 10 charts (as well as a #1), and grown to be known as one of the best House producers in ze nation, all at the ripe age of 21!!! Below is the release of a HUGE remix off AVB's newest album, Mirage. Armin is awesome and I am not trying to take any credit away from him but Avicii crushes the original! Whilst listening to this b33t, I imagine myself steering a 50 foot yacht, with the wind blowing through my long, luscious hair and the Mediterannean sun shining its golden light on my enormous, rippling back muscles. (Just kidding about everything except my back muscles....they really are gigantic. Sorry for being strong.)

Drowning (Avicii Remix):

Tasty melody and strong vocals make this a must harvest! Has some trance flavor but bangs like classic sveeeeedish-house. Guaranteed to turn frowns upside down and add a little hop to your step!

Street Dancer:

This is Avicii's recent #1 smash hit. Winning peoples hearts and killin it on the charts!

Sweden is the new Mecca of EDM.

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