Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tronald Reagan

I have not seen Tron and probably won't as I've heard it sux0rs.  That said, the day the soundtrack was released, I put on my rollerblades and skated on over to the local record store to purchase it (sike! I probably pirated a leaked copy or something like that, idk i forget).  Anyways, the soundtrack was good, but it sounded exactly how a soundtrack should sound, music playing during a movie and not much else.  That all changed today however, when I discovered the Nightmare Juke Squad's remixes of the soundtrack in discussion.  These remixes are dope (albeit a little different) and I've now learned about another sub-genre of electronic music, Chicago Juke.  Assignment for next week's class, read this.

Rectifiler (Letherface Remix):
A good start to the bunch, a little dark, but a good start.  There's a lot going on in this song without it being too busy and I'm also feelin' the way it ends.

Flynn (Slumber Party Massacre Mix):
This track is also a little darker but still flipping awesome.  I especially like the last minute-ish.

CLU (Lecter Remix):
I'm retarded, these tracks are all kinda dark, but anyways the progression of this song is crazy!  It sounds like you could be listening to any of 3 equally awesome, different song depending on where/when you start listening to this track.  

Drezzed (Prime Slime Remix):
Not a huge fan of the super fast parts of this track, but I'm feeling it when it slows down some and I like that there's a little more variety in it than in the original track. 

Disc War (Candyman Remix):
Sort of the minimalist track of the bunch.  Not a whole lot going on here.

CR18 a Digital Frontier (Raoul Juke Mix):
Getting kind of an evil clown vibe starting around 1:31.

I know all of these tracks might be a little different, but give them a listen and see what you think.  Who knows, you might find something you like.


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