Tuesday, February 1, 2011


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     HEAVENS TO BETSY! Way too much good, new music has come my way. I'm slightly overwhelmed because I want to share ALL of it with you guys/broadz!!!! Instead of dumping all of these  b33ts on your chest at once, cleveland steamer style, I've decided to regurgitate a few of them slowly, one by one.... Let them marinate through your speakers, savor every single scrumptious sound wave, and remember, you can always come back for seconds :)

Blow Up (Hook N Sling & Goodwill Remix):

The title says it all. Super heavy house track that drops ten times harder then the original and shvts on all the other remixes out there! Beware of the apocalyptic drop starting at 2:35! 2012 ain't got nothing on this!!!!!

Jack Up (Original Mix):

Put ya hands in de aire! Don't know who this "Chum4" guy is but he makes some mean dutch-hau5!

Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix):

Villainous is RIGHT! This b33t is straight evil! This is for you dubheadz. An electro-pop song turned naughty, Catholic-school girl syndrome-status. (You don't get that saying? finnne, i'll quickly explain: SO, Catholic kids or at least kids that get sent to private catholic schools are held back/sheltered/not allowed to do anything most of their adolescent years, so0o0o0o when they get to cawlege, they drink and party themselves into an oblivion until they crash N burn! Moral: Party hard young so you know your limits when you get older. jk).
Sorry for that long, off topic explanation. Back to ze Musik ------>

Run (Blatta & Inesha Rmx):

These are the guys that brought you Pet Massage. An electro banger with acidic hints. For all you DJ's who plan on dropping this bad boy in your next set, prepare to collect heads afterwards because this is a straight NECK  BREAKER!

Fun more! (One more):
(Okay, so the hosting site is being a biznitch, so no preview, just download link.)
Boys Noize Records recently put out "Super Azid", a compilation of some of the best producers creating their best acid tracks. Here is one of my favorite songs from the cd. Prepare to have your mind melted into a kaleidoscope haze! Awesome stuff, be sure to go to Beatport and cop the entire album!

That should keep you fatties satisfied for a while! I'll do pt.2 another day! 

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