Thursday, February 3, 2011


^22 Years Yung!!!

      BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO FRESHB33TS's's's  WEBMASTER, T-SHAMBONER aka shambot aka slamb0t aka shambo aka terran-n00b. May you make it to the ripe old age of 6969! Do it big, buddy! Bottles to the dome til you make the floor your home!

Some party chunez:
Blow Up (Thomas Gold Vs. Axwell Remix):

I know what I said earlier about the Hook N Slinger remix being the absolute best, and I stand by my word BUT I'm digging the big-ger room house sound as well as a nice tech feel in this remix! It's a different style and its gon' make you dance!

Get On The Move:

Simple and effective, this tune may not have big ol' bass drops but I find less can be more and in this track, less is like solo-flying a 757 whilst doing air-nuts (air doughnuts for those who thought I was making some kind of sexual innuendo....sick bstrdz!)!!! Shvts DOPE!

***Note to DJ's: The two tracks above mix super smoothly together; the crowd will dancefloorgasm***

Fly By Night (Designer Drugs Remix):

A hyphy electro b33t remix by DD. The lyrics are hawt, the bass is heavy, girls are going to get naked. 


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