Monday, February 7, 2011

New Tiesto

Tiesto w/ angel wings throwing up the "SHOCKER"! LuLz

     As humorous as that picture above is, Tiesto is the big daddy of electronic music. Although he is the face of popular trance, he is now delving into producing h-h-h-HOUSE music. This isn't a sudden transformation, if you guys heard his most recent album, Kaleidoscope, it was crammed full with fat bass and poppy, club sounds. It's not that trance is dead, it's just less popular....and King T, who likes to stay #1 on the charts, knows this and is adapting to his surroundings. 
I won't say I completely like this new Tiesto but it ain't all that bad as some die-hard fans might try and tell you. Be open and give these tracks a listen. N_joy

E.T. (Tiesto Radio Edit):


I don't necessarily like Katy Perry's music but her voice works well with electronic music. 

Zero 76 (Original Mix):


A FAT collaboration between Tiesto and Hardwell, this is today's MUST-HARVEST-B33T! Big room sound that'll have jaws hitting the floor. Go wild!

Speed Rail:


Not too fond of this track but I thought I'd include it anyways. You be the judge. 


Recently, A lot of people have been asking me "where did your blog go?"
WELL BE A GOOD PERSON AND LET THEM KNOW OF THE URL CHANGE ( until I can get back the old site -___- thanks a bunch. b33tz 4 lyf3

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