Monday, February 21, 2011

John Dahlback

        Lets face it. Plain and simple: the Swedish can produce house music. Dada Life, SHM, and today's topic: John Dahlback. A veteran of the scene, Dahlback continues to raise the bar in his most recent release, Winter EP. Keeping to slightly darker tones, he builds intricate synth lines with a hefty serving of bass. Dahlback steals the spotlight with these two hard-hitting, interesting prog. house bombs.
Cheque dem out:


HARVEST or eat a bag of staples. This b33t makes me want to prance in my gucci pants, dance in a trance. Wicked awesome.

Pour Te:

I couldn't find this track on the interwebz anywhere and I'm too broke to shell out any money right now, so soundcloud is going to have to do.


Old Dahlback but one of my favorites. Heavy head banging house. Good range through out the song so boredom is out of the question. Beware of drops dirtier then a craigslist hooker.


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