Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harvest or Cry...from the pain of a bullet entering your BRAIN!

         If you didn't check out Dada Life's newest February mix....strike 1. If you didn't even read the post or look over the few tracks I added for individual harvest....strike 2. IF YOU DIDN'T GO APE-SHVT AFTER HEARING "I-TUNE"....STRIKE MUTHAFVCKIN' 3! If you have no clue what I'm talking about, don't answer the knock at your door....PS nice knowing you.
Miles Dyson, an electro-house producer/DJ extraordinaire, hailing from Yermany, took the music world (and Beatport charts) by storm with his latest & greatest original track, I-Tune! 
It starts off in an up-beat, sunny-day style manner; I'm hearing throwback 80s disco hints. Right as you start to get comfy, taking a small sip of your even smaller tea cup with your pinky sticking out, thinking "Oh my! What a splendid, warm track!"......IT ALL COMES CRASHING DOWN. 
Bone-crushing, fog-horn bass (reminds me of Fake Blood). Evil. Dirty. Heavy. Love. This. B33t. 

I-Tune (Original Mix):

Harvest or DIE!

PS. Sorry for the angry vibes. Having a test every single day this week is really getting to me...
You know I love you and that....."I'd catch a grennaadddee for youuuuu....put mah hand on a bllaaddeeee forr youuuu"

<3<3<3<3 69 ^_^

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