Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dada Life First Mix of 2011!!!

       FINALLY, Dada Life picks up where they left off, continuing their monthly mind-melting mixes! Before you go brush this aside, thinking "I only like single tracks..mixes are lame..." STOP. Bash yourself in the head and continue reading...
Back in the dumb days, I was the same way. I thought mixes were a drag, seeing that most times they are shvt. As I grew more MATURE (jk), my patience and fondness for them grew and I began seeing the beauty of a well-concocted mixture of electronic music. Through mixes you can get the feel of the artist's energy and ideas that they push behind their music. It doesn't necessarily have subliminal messages embedded all over (or does it...) but it gives the listener a better taste of what they can truly bring to the table. Enough of my blab, harvest and go wild!

Dada Life February 2011 Mix:

It's almost like they knew my birthday was coming up :) THANK YOU!

Below I've included the track list as well as linked a few individual tracks that were especially enjoyable to myself:
****RIGHT-CLICK, Save-As to Harvest the tracks******
2. El Toro (Oliver $ Remix) -Beware & Motorpitch
3. The Great Fashionista Swindle (Laidback Luke Remix) -Dada Life
5. Watching U -Savage Skulls
6. Big Bass Drum (Original Mix) -TAI
8. The More That I Do (Tony Senghore Remix) -Sharam Jay
9. The Wildcat -Porter Robinson
10. I-Tune -Miles Dyson *MUST HARVEST! 
11. Losing Control (Shameboy Remix) -Jaimi Fanatic
12. Turbulence -Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke
13. Calcium -Das Glow, Steve Strip
14. Gilles -Bart B More
15. Hysteresis -Sharooz


Eat your damn veggies

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