Monday, February 28, 2011


     Starting off your week right N proper! This might be the first Monday you've ever enjoyed! I've compiled 3 tracks that range from face-melting filth to puppy-sunshine chunes.  Also included is the nearly-year long, anticipated collab track, Turbulence; exclusively for your listening pleasures!!!

Turbulence ft. Lil Jon:

Been waiting for this b33t a loooonnggg time!!!! The combination of Steve Aoki's party filth and Laidback Luke's big room house, formulate some A+ eargasms! Hang on to your g-string and prepare for some booty shaking madness!

Alright (Club Vocal Mix):

I wanted to do a solo post for Tocadisco but due to my laziness and urgency for you to hear this b33t, I'm sharing it with you now. Take note of the awesome funky latin back beats with dirty, tropical bass! 
After a couple inhaling a couple long islands, there will be plenty of dirty dancing to this up-beat, positive-charged chune. CUT THE MID RANGE, DROP DA BASS!

Sunlight (Armand Van Helden Remix):

This song shows Armand's versatility. Usually known for throwing down heavier sounding tracks, Sir Helden creates a driving disco-rock melody with happy-go lucky lyrics. Me likey!

Monday Funday

Saturday, February 26, 2011


      If you haven't noticed, there is a recent growing trend of Swedish producers tearing up the edm scene....WTF is their government putting in the water?!!??!!!?!? Avicii aka Tim Berg aka Tim Bergling, already has his own world tour, multiple songs on the Beatport Top 10 charts (as well as a #1), and grown to be known as one of the best House producers in ze nation, all at the ripe age of 21!!! Below is the release of a HUGE remix off AVB's newest album, Mirage. Armin is awesome and I am not trying to take any credit away from him but Avicii crushes the original! Whilst listening to this b33t, I imagine myself steering a 50 foot yacht, with the wind blowing through my long, luscious hair and the Mediterannean sun shining its golden light on my enormous, rippling back muscles. (Just kidding about everything except my back muscles....they really are gigantic. Sorry for being strong.)

Drowning (Avicii Remix):

Tasty melody and strong vocals make this a must harvest! Has some trance flavor but bangs like classic sveeeeedish-house. Guaranteed to turn frowns upside down and add a little hop to your step!

Street Dancer:

This is Avicii's recent #1 smash hit. Winning peoples hearts and killin it on the charts!

Sweden is the new Mecca of EDM.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got Wood?

      Hot new single from UK producer pimp, Michael Woods!!! First Aid is a loud, blood pumping, progressive track that will have people losing their minds! I would say his sound in this song is reminiscent of Deadmao-five (*edit: rightly so, seeing that he has done multiple tracks thru mau5trap records >_<); steady driving back beat, long crescendo build ups, along with a heavier electro melody. Harvest or run through freeway traffic blind folded.

First Aid:

Youz gon' need to go see an ear docta after listening to dis b33t!!! 

I Said (Michael Woods Remix):

A smooooove tech-house remix.


Monday, February 21, 2011

John Dahlback

        Lets face it. Plain and simple: the Swedish can produce house music. Dada Life, SHM, and today's topic: John Dahlback. A veteran of the scene, Dahlback continues to raise the bar in his most recent release, Winter EP. Keeping to slightly darker tones, he builds intricate synth lines with a hefty serving of bass. Dahlback steals the spotlight with these two hard-hitting, interesting prog. house bombs.
Cheque dem out:


HARVEST or eat a bag of staples. This b33t makes me want to prance in my gucci pants, dance in a trance. Wicked awesome.

Pour Te:

I couldn't find this track on the interwebz anywhere and I'm too broke to shell out any money right now, so soundcloud is going to have to do.


Old Dahlback but one of my favorites. Heavy head banging house. Good range through out the song so boredom is out of the question. Beware of drops dirtier then a craigslist hooker.


Friday, February 18, 2011

All-Star Weekend

HAhahAHAaa Grifffinnndorrr

     Currently where I live, it's raining cats and dogs; fvck the rain. The only few good things that come out of rain are water for plants, cleaner air, and snow. Other then that, rain can kick rocks. In other news, it's All-Star Weekend bayybayyyy!! Where only the best are allowed to play! Big shout out to Blake Griffin, a close homie:

      I'm going to go out on a whim here and say that a majority of you are poor cawlege students, making attending the actual festivities out of the question. So to liven up your exclusive Taaka party, I've compiled some fresh b33ts that'll have you dancing like an All-Star cheerleader. Oh my!
(Ps. Got my money on the East)

Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction):

Push Me. And then just bleep me. So I can get my. DADA LIFE! The swedes add some dirty dada-flair to the overly popular Benassi original. Get it started with some massive bass! This one is a huge crowd pleaser.

Losing Control (Shameboy Remix):

Up-beat electro house track that'll have urrbody in the club cutting rug! 

Hold It Against Me (Adrian Lux & Nause Club Mix):

I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but before you go flaming me for fueling garbage music, let me Xplain:
In this track,  Adrian Lux (the guy who raped your ears with his massive remix of "Teenage Crime") does a complete make over of the trashy original, building a smooth, uplifting melody around Spear's vocals, turning this into a solid house banger. If anyone else sang the vocals over this b33t, it would be blowing up the charts. Fvck Britney, Go Lux. 

Walk Like An Egyptian (Bassnectar's 2003 Remix):

"It is a big deal that the Egyptian people, under strict rule of an unjust dictator, found courage and conviction to unite together and stand up to an aggressor, against all odds. It is extra special that this uprising was fueled by the internet."
Not too much to say about this track. If its got Bassnectar's name on it, you know it going to bang. 

Eff tha rain, global warming ftw.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harvest or Cry...from the pain of a bullet entering your BRAIN!

         If you didn't check out Dada Life's newest February mix....strike 1. If you didn't even read the post or look over the few tracks I added for individual harvest....strike 2. IF YOU DIDN'T GO APE-SHVT AFTER HEARING "I-TUNE"....STRIKE MUTHAFVCKIN' 3! If you have no clue what I'm talking about, don't answer the knock at your door....PS nice knowing you.
Miles Dyson, an electro-house producer/DJ extraordinaire, hailing from Yermany, took the music world (and Beatport charts) by storm with his latest & greatest original track, I-Tune! 
It starts off in an up-beat, sunny-day style manner; I'm hearing throwback 80s disco hints. Right as you start to get comfy, taking a small sip of your even smaller tea cup with your pinky sticking out, thinking "Oh my! What a splendid, warm track!"......IT ALL COMES CRASHING DOWN. 
Bone-crushing, fog-horn bass (reminds me of Fake Blood). Evil. Dirty. Heavy. Love. This. B33t. 

I-Tune (Original Mix):

Harvest or DIE!

PS. Sorry for the angry vibes. Having a test every single day this week is really getting to me...
You know I love you and that....."I'd catch a grennaadddee for youuuuu....put mah hand on a bllaaddeeee forr youuuu"

<3<3<3<3 69 ^_^

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dada Life First Mix of 2011!!!

       FINALLY, Dada Life picks up where they left off, continuing their monthly mind-melting mixes! Before you go brush this aside, thinking "I only like single tracks..mixes are lame..." STOP. Bash yourself in the head and continue reading...
Back in the dumb days, I was the same way. I thought mixes were a drag, seeing that most times they are shvt. As I grew more MATURE (jk), my patience and fondness for them grew and I began seeing the beauty of a well-concocted mixture of electronic music. Through mixes you can get the feel of the artist's energy and ideas that they push behind their music. It doesn't necessarily have subliminal messages embedded all over (or does it...) but it gives the listener a better taste of what they can truly bring to the table. Enough of my blab, harvest and go wild!

Dada Life February 2011 Mix:

It's almost like they knew my birthday was coming up :) THANK YOU!

Below I've included the track list as well as linked a few individual tracks that were especially enjoyable to myself:
****RIGHT-CLICK, Save-As to Harvest the tracks******
2. El Toro (Oliver $ Remix) -Beware & Motorpitch
3. The Great Fashionista Swindle (Laidback Luke Remix) -Dada Life
5. Watching U -Savage Skulls
6. Big Bass Drum (Original Mix) -TAI
8. The More That I Do (Tony Senghore Remix) -Sharam Jay
9. The Wildcat -Porter Robinson
10. I-Tune -Miles Dyson *MUST HARVEST! 
11. Losing Control (Shameboy Remix) -Jaimi Fanatic
12. Turbulence -Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke
13. Calcium -Das Glow, Steve Strip
14. Gilles -Bart B More
15. Hysteresis -Sharooz


Eat your damn veggies

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day + NEW FEDDE!!

      Today is the day that you dedicate to a special some one. Whether it be your life-long partner, girl friend, boy friend, girl or boy that you want to be your friend, or some booty hoe that you're tryna hit one time, you have to be on your A game. While dinner and presents are nice, nothing turns some one on more then slapping some smooth, love-making b33ts! What? You didn't prepare for that? No worries, I got you covered:

Grenade (Passion Pit Remix):

Passion Pit adds a nu-disco, dance feel to this original pop-tastic track. While the song's story line is pretty depressing, the overall message is "sweet". I think your significant other will get it...

Together (DCUP Remix):

A hot, disco-house  b33t that'll get sparks flying on the D-flo'!

I Love U SO (Skream's.....Remix):

This song just had the words I Love U So in it so I threw it on here. It's not the smoothest of b33ts for V-day but who knows....might bring out the freak in the sheets....^_^
About the track, I'm not a Skream fan but he steps back from the chalkboard-screech and builds clever synth lines around a fast-paced drum and bass beat. Very dope.


Autosave (Original Mix):

Fedde Le Grand is back! Gigantic sound that will satisfy all house-heads. A dance floor destroyer that'll have people worshipping you (the DJ) left and right!!!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tronald Reagan

I have not seen Tron and probably won't as I've heard it sux0rs.  That said, the day the soundtrack was released, I put on my rollerblades and skated on over to the local record store to purchase it (sike! I probably pirated a leaked copy or something like that, idk i forget).  Anyways, the soundtrack was good, but it sounded exactly how a soundtrack should sound, music playing during a movie and not much else.  That all changed today however, when I discovered the Nightmare Juke Squad's remixes of the soundtrack in discussion.  These remixes are dope (albeit a little different) and I've now learned about another sub-genre of electronic music, Chicago Juke.  Assignment for next week's class, read this.

Rectifiler (Letherface Remix):
A good start to the bunch, a little dark, but a good start.  There's a lot going on in this song without it being too busy and I'm also feelin' the way it ends.

Flynn (Slumber Party Massacre Mix):
This track is also a little darker but still flipping awesome.  I especially like the last minute-ish.

CLU (Lecter Remix):
I'm retarded, these tracks are all kinda dark, but anyways the progression of this song is crazy!  It sounds like you could be listening to any of 3 equally awesome, different song depending on where/when you start listening to this track.  

Drezzed (Prime Slime Remix):
Not a huge fan of the super fast parts of this track, but I'm feeling it when it slows down some and I like that there's a little more variety in it than in the original track. 

Disc War (Candyman Remix):
Sort of the minimalist track of the bunch.  Not a whole lot going on here.

CR18 a Digital Frontier (Raoul Juke Mix):
Getting kind of an evil clown vibe starting around 1:31.

I know all of these tracks might be a little different, but give them a listen and see what you think.  Who knows, you might find something you like.


Friday, February 11, 2011

WAKE UP CALL (w/ Remixes)

     First and foremost, my ear drums are permanently damaged from the savagery of last nights escapades; having the Dada unleashed upon my soul. Two hours of punishing bass like nothing the world has ever seen. It was brutal and life changing indeed. I write all this but I don't think you guys get it...IT WAS THE MOST INTENSE SHOW I'VE EVER BEEN TO!! While some might say Dada's production are simple etc etc, they throw down a ridiculous live show:
**NOTE: My shvtty digicam. does not do this video justice but here is a SMALL taste of the insanity:

Any ways, I know you've all had a tough week and it's time to WAKE UP. A buddy of mine showed me this track a few months back and I was planning to post it asap but I guess I forgot? It's a pump-up jam collab with Mistah Steve Aoki and Sidney Samson. It's got dutch sounds mixed with some heavy bass, me thinks you'll likey. Also, I've included recent remixes by Peace Treaty and Datsik (for the dubhedz).

Wake Up Call (Original Mix):

Can you hear the alarm clock sample? Just playin' but this b33t would be a great morning chune to get you juiced

Wake Up Call (Peace Treaty Remix):

Super House.

Wake Up Call (Datsik Remix):



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What ever is on my mind

The worst part of wearing shoes like these, is telling your parents you're GAY!

     Double-you-tee-eff. I'm no fashion guru but I know ugly when I see it. Who the fvck buys shoes like that? I mean, seriously....who goes into a shoe store, looks at those and thinks "Wow, I would look so freaking awesome rocking a pair of  those rollerblade-space boot hybrids!" They aren't even worthy to be called shoes!!! The thing that made me even more outraged is that they were selling for TWO-HUNDRED DOLLARS! Do you know what I could buy with 200 dollars?!!? A copious amount of methamphetamine! Okkayyy...getting off topic here. 
     My thoughts have been all over the place lately so this post doesn't have too much direction......My car's tape deck decided to call it quits so instead of being able to listen to my ipod, I have to burn CDs. Due to the massive amounts of new music pouring in/growing bored of listening to the same songs day in and day out, I have to constantly burn new CDs. Below, I'm sharing 4 hawt traxXx that are currently being overplayed on my latest car mix. Take a gander:

Red Meat/White Noise (Peace Treaty Remix):

The trio have just dropped their newest EP titled Changes!!! Go to Beatport and check it out now! It's phat! Saw 1/3 of them last Thursday at a local lounge; Besides having to constantly throw 'bows to give myself some breathing room and the over-attendance of phrat-boy meat heads, it was a face melting show! About this track: At first I hated this remix. Probably because the first half doesn't sound any more different then the original but I decided to give it a few more solid listens and I am now a changed man! Get to the 1:30 mark and Peace Treaty turns it ON! Definitely a new favorite!

AWWW WTF. 4-finger scroll on my Mac just stopped working all of a sudden!!! Fuhhh----must....finish post....

Lights (Dream Remix):

I know! This song has been remixed to death! I was going to share the Bass Nectar remix with you, but you probably have it already. If it ain't the original, or BN remix, it's THIS ONE! Dream keeps it smooth but adds just enough filth to keep you grimy dubstep lovers satisfied. Prizz-zops my man. 
PS. Ellie Goulding has the most mesmerizing voice in the thinks I'm in love...>_<

While we are on the topic of dubstep, here is an absolute monster track!
The Wrestler (Original Mix):

Good god! This track is like getting F5'd by Brock Molester then taking a steel chair to the back of the head! Girls are going to want to get knaykid N mud wrastle to this dirty, dirty, did I say DIRTTTTYY track.

French Jeans (Dada Life):

2 MORE DAYS!!! By now you guys know how gay I am for Dada Life (no homo). Yet another banger (I'm starting to get sick of all these songs....PSYCHHEE!) from the banana-champagne-loving-face-melting-swedish duo! 

Please let your friends know about our current URL change! It would be great help! Extra love to the loyal b33t harvesters! and a double-fvck you to Apple for the shvtty track pad....I WANT MY 4-finger SCROLL BACK!!!


Monday, February 7, 2011

New Tiesto

Tiesto w/ angel wings throwing up the "SHOCKER"! LuLz

     As humorous as that picture above is, Tiesto is the big daddy of electronic music. Although he is the face of popular trance, he is now delving into producing h-h-h-HOUSE music. This isn't a sudden transformation, if you guys heard his most recent album, Kaleidoscope, it was crammed full with fat bass and poppy, club sounds. It's not that trance is dead, it's just less popular....and King T, who likes to stay #1 on the charts, knows this and is adapting to his surroundings. 
I won't say I completely like this new Tiesto but it ain't all that bad as some die-hard fans might try and tell you. Be open and give these tracks a listen. N_joy

E.T. (Tiesto Radio Edit):


I don't necessarily like Katy Perry's music but her voice works well with electronic music. 

Zero 76 (Original Mix):


A FAT collaboration between Tiesto and Hardwell, this is today's MUST-HARVEST-B33T! Big room sound that'll have jaws hitting the floor. Go wild!

Speed Rail:


Not too fond of this track but I thought I'd include it anyways. You be the judge. 


Recently, A lot of people have been asking me "where did your blog go?"
WELL BE A GOOD PERSON AND LET THEM KNOW OF THE URL CHANGE ( until I can get back the old site -___- thanks a bunch. b33tz 4 lyf3

Thursday, February 3, 2011


^22 Years Yung!!!

      BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO FRESHB33TS's's's  WEBMASTER, T-SHAMBONER aka shambot aka slamb0t aka shambo aka terran-n00b. May you make it to the ripe old age of 6969! Do it big, buddy! Bottles to the dome til you make the floor your home!

Some party chunez:
Blow Up (Thomas Gold Vs. Axwell Remix):

I know what I said earlier about the Hook N Slinger remix being the absolute best, and I stand by my word BUT I'm digging the big-ger room house sound as well as a nice tech feel in this remix! It's a different style and its gon' make you dance!

Get On The Move:

Simple and effective, this tune may not have big ol' bass drops but I find less can be more and in this track, less is like solo-flying a 757 whilst doing air-nuts (air doughnuts for those who thought I was making some kind of sexual innuendo....sick bstrdz!)!!! Shvts DOPE!

***Note to DJ's: The two tracks above mix super smoothly together; the crowd will dancefloorgasm***

Fly By Night (Designer Drugs Remix):

A hyphy electro b33t remix by DD. The lyrics are hawt, the bass is heavy, girls are going to get naked. 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Go Jump In A Chris Lake

    First off, Chris Lake is a baus, let's just get that out of the way.  However, when I was cruising around the innerwebz yesterday, hunting for toonz, I noticed a clear lack of love for Mr Lake.  This made me super super sad and suffice to say, I was an emotional wreck.  Since then, I've had some time to calm down and I'm doing much better today (thanks for asking).  So Chris Lake, if you're reading this (which I can say with some certainty that you are), keep doing what you're doing and in the meantime, here's some love (also, call me?).

Running Out (Original Mix):

By far my favorite Chris Lake track.  So much going on here.  It's outrageous fun!  Listen to this song and try not to bob your head or tap your feet.  Go ahead, do it!  I DARE YA!

Sleepwalker (Original Mix):

Put your headphones on and turn the volume all the way up.  Whole lot of bass in this song.  Whole lot of bass.  A++++ 10/10 WOULD LISTEN TO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Hey (Chris Lake & Marco Lys Re-Edit):

I take back what I said.  This is my favorite Chris Lake track.  Lake and Marco Lys smash your face in with a disco ball.  Get out the strobe lights, platform shoes, and leisure suits for this monster.

Tshamz, over and out.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


(Think you got a better caption? Leave a comment and we'll battle WITS!)

     HEAVENS TO BETSY! Way too much good, new music has come my way. I'm slightly overwhelmed because I want to share ALL of it with you guys/broadz!!!! Instead of dumping all of these  b33ts on your chest at once, cleveland steamer style, I've decided to regurgitate a few of them slowly, one by one.... Let them marinate through your speakers, savor every single scrumptious sound wave, and remember, you can always come back for seconds :)

Blow Up (Hook N Sling & Goodwill Remix):

The title says it all. Super heavy house track that drops ten times harder then the original and shvts on all the other remixes out there! Beware of the apocalyptic drop starting at 2:35! 2012 ain't got nothing on this!!!!!

Jack Up (Original Mix):

Put ya hands in de aire! Don't know who this "Chum4" guy is but he makes some mean dutch-hau5!

Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix):

Villainous is RIGHT! This b33t is straight evil! This is for you dubheadz. An electro-pop song turned naughty, Catholic-school girl syndrome-status. (You don't get that saying? finnne, i'll quickly explain: SO, Catholic kids or at least kids that get sent to private catholic schools are held back/sheltered/not allowed to do anything most of their adolescent years, so0o0o0o when they get to cawlege, they drink and party themselves into an oblivion until they crash N burn! Moral: Party hard young so you know your limits when you get older. jk).
Sorry for that long, off topic explanation. Back to ze Musik ------>

Run (Blatta & Inesha Rmx):

These are the guys that brought you Pet Massage. An electro banger with acidic hints. For all you DJ's who plan on dropping this bad boy in your next set, prepare to collect heads afterwards because this is a straight NECK  BREAKER!

Fun more! (One more):
(Okay, so the hosting site is being a biznitch, so no preview, just download link.)
Boys Noize Records recently put out "Super Azid", a compilation of some of the best producers creating their best acid tracks. Here is one of my favorite songs from the cd. Prepare to have your mind melted into a kaleidoscope haze! Awesome stuff, be sure to go to Beatport and cop the entire album!

That should keep you fatties satisfied for a while! I'll do pt.2 another day! 



       WHITE NOISE / RED MEAT is finally here!!!!!!!!!! Teasing us for almost a month now, Dada Life and Dim Mak Records have finally released one of the FAT
TEST b33ts alive! I can't classify Dada Life, technically, they are considered "house" but their production style is heavy, unorthodox and deadly! This b33t will bring you to your knees!!!

White Noise/Red Meat (Original Mix):


The song starts of with a friendly little up-beat chord progression, slowly teasing your ears, until your head is about to pop. Then they let is all go with some dirtttttty bass dada-style!!! These guys are easily my top 3 favorite DJs in the world!

Don't have a ticket? GET ONE NOW:
Dada Life, Feb 10, @Ruby Skye, SF!