Saturday, January 22, 2011

Start Your Engine(s)!

What up what up what up, Tshamz here making my inaugural post.  I won't be posting nearly as much as Jkilla, but because the blog is under my gmail account, I can do whatever I want (did I hear you correctly?  you want more lawnmowers...?).  I've been lurking around in the background the last couple of weeks, trying to clean up all of adam ski(less)field's mistakes, but now I'm ready to make my grand entrance with two huge tracks.  Despite being a month old, these b33ts are still just as fresh as the day they came out. Some people might say any idiot could have found them, but it was hard for me, so back off!

Hunger (The Oddword Remix)

The bass in this song is so massive, it will shake your eyeballs and make your balls tingle.  The only problem is, if you listen to it on weak spekarz or hedfonez, you don't get any of that nasty bass and then I look like an idiot.  Go buy some nice headphones and GOML.

Antidote (Original Mix)

I don't really know how to describe this song, so I won't.  Just listen to it.  Highlights include the organ sounds that start ~1:50 and everything between 3:30 and ~5:00.  Solid gold.


P.S. Adam, I saw some Palo Alto Utilities worker walking around with a brand new pair of skis.  He was amazed that some idiot would just leave a pair of skis sitting at a friend's house for so long.  I wonder if he knows the guy who got your skis...

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