Saturday, January 1, 2011


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      HELLLLLLOOOO WISCONSIN!!! I hope you all had an amazing NYE! I spent the night the best way possible: hours of non-stop skull rattlage! I just thought I'd share a few tids bits of my evening and reminisce on this years awesome amounts of electronic dance music! 

First off, I'd like to say these large events could be so much better if the guys at the top pulled their heads out of their asses and did simple things like setting up more than ONE entrance and if that's too much AT LEAST put up some paper signs pointing people which direction to go...
Annnnyways, after a two hour, claustrophobic-filled, wait in line, I got in just in time to head over to the Saturday Night Sessions Arena for Afrojack! I would have to say, he was the high light of the night! Below I posted a few coherent videos (a digicam can only do so much) of some of his monstrous set:
****NOTE****Put the video quality as high as possible.

Blew everyone's pants off with this intro. Beware of the head splitting drop!

Through out his set, he kept teasing the crowd, dropping samples from one of his biggest hits. Finally the time came....
Watch the crowd erupt!

Take Over Control:

Real High:

Does anyone know the name of the song right before he leads into Real High? Sounds like something Basshunter would make...

Sprinted over to the main stage tent to peep some Dada Life! Unfortunately, the sound on a lot of the videos came out really choppy soo0o0....I'm leaving you with just one vid....and ironically, it's an Afrojack song haha (long story short: I missed my opportunity to film it when Afrojack dropped it during his set so yeahhhh... It was amazing either way)

*Random side note: Be on the look out for the release of Dada Life's Remix of "Through the Prism". Beast mode.

Laidback Luke dropping his newest single after midnight:

FINALLY, came Wolfgang. After almost 2 hours of non-stop musical bliss, he closed his set with one of the most epic Bob Marley remixes in the world! If you have this track in mp3, PLEASE put it in my dropbox!!! I will luvz u furevar!
Sun is Shining (Electro Edit):
Sweet melody and sweeter drop. I need this song in its entirety....

We here at Fresh B33ts want to give a thanks to all you readers. Big things to come this new year! The world ends in 2012 so lets get fvckkkeed upp!!! jk. Save the Planet, go green N organic!

-Jkilla & Adam Shitfield

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