Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel-thee Fry-dey

      Good morrow! I hate it when I fall asleep while watching the tele and forget to brush my pearly whites >_< Today, as I was shuffling through my iTunes I came across some old bangers that had to be shared with you. This works well because it's Friday and Friday means getting belligerently drunk, hitting up cl00bz, and grinding the booty meat off as many females you can before security drags you out (jk, don't drink, it's the devil! don't go to cl00bz, it's the devil! don't "grind booty meat", it's far too many calories). #Timetravel via #hottubtimemachine.

Bonkers ft. Armand Van Helden:

Harvest (128 kbps, srry)
Dizzee on the mic, accompanied by Armand. When it drops, yo neck gon' break off!

Fast Life ft. Alex Peace:

Bad Boy Bill's (the best DJ in the world) own original work!
*I feel stupid admitting this but we're all human (or are we denser?): House music originated in Chicago (BBB's hometown). I knew it didn't start in Europe but I had no idea it started in the USA!!!!!  We're awesome! (as is bacon, the meat of the gods, and drive thru's, shake weights, and fake tans. AmurrKA).

Damascus (Dada Life Remix):

EVERYTHING Dada Life makes is gold! I freaking love those swedes. They make THEE phattest/philthiest house beats! At first this remix threw me a little off, the weird gargle noise, the suprisingly mellow house cords, etc....then I got deeper into the song and I twas a feesh. Give it a 3 listens and don't tell me you're not obsessed. Dada Life for every fucking win/championship/music and life award.


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ps. anyone catch my Killer's reference??
I'm so clever!....and cool...and strong...and good looking.... (just keeding!)

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