Tuesday, January 18, 2011


^Bad assery at its finest

      School blows a thousand dicks. I've said it multiple times but i'll say it again: I wish I was born a trust fund baby. (If any of you rich folk out there are having trouble finding ways to spend your stacks of gold, holla at me!) Yeah, I don't have it nearly as bad as other people, but ranting is nice. Below I've got two electro tracks that easily have topped my personal charts. They are heavier than sin and will melt your speakers to the ground. N-joi

Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix):

I've never heard of these guys before but this song is going to blow up the charts. A combination of head-splitting synth and explosive bass will have you out of your chair, punching your friends in the face. I fell into a coma after the count down....

The King is Back:

I shared a Charles I remix track with you guys way back when, titled "It's Love" (I'd link you but I can't seem to find the post) but if you remember, it was a pretty little ditty. When this song came across my screen, I thought "sweet, probably going to have some nice keyboard lines, 'cute' lyrics, and have that indie sound like a lot of his other tracks". I was wrong. Very interesting song that shows that Sir Charles has got tha funk but can also bring some incredibly dirty noise we all know and love! Raise your pitch fork to the king!

Please let all your friends know our URL changed! That'd be AWESOME!!!!

oh one more thing! Can't wait for the release of this song! HIT YOU WIT DAT STEVE ANGELLO/ALEX METRIC 1-2 COMBO! 5/5 B33ts.

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