Tuesday, January 25, 2011


     Today's post is aimed for the dubsteppers and drum and bass-headz. I've compiled 4 hawt tracks that bump, wobble, and grind! Each track consists of that heavy, heavy bass we all know and love, along with sounds dirtier then your mother (yeah, sorry to break it to you, she's a slore!) Lezzzgo!

Internet Connection (Flux Pavillion):
A silly remix on an MIA track.

Now that you've warmed up your ear drums, time to hit you with some kinkier b33ts:
Start it off with...

Hypercaine (Nero Dubstep Remix):

This man alone is changing the face of dubstep! Completely smashes DJ Fresh's original idea and creates a whole new song! Nothing is going to put a bigger frown on your face.

Cinema (Skrillex Remix):

Very original remix from another pioneer of electro-step. Skrillex turns what was a friendly house tune into the monster in your closet that had you pissing your pants and crying for ya mumsy! 

Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday:

Camo & Krooked are two dirty drum and bass bstrdz whose goal is to cause you bodily harm. On this track, they combine an ass-load of dirty synth with uptempo, HEAVY percussion lines that force the masses into a mindless rampage.

Always thanks for reading! and n-joy!

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