Friday, January 28, 2011


      Sadly, to my dismay (and surprise), Coachella tickets got swallowed up in less than two months, leaving me in the dust :(! Unless I can cough up an arm and a leg, good bye Coachella.... I guess I'll just  sit here and bvtch and moan. Jk. It's Friday, the best day of the week. It's the day of the week where you put a dollar in the vending machine and you get TWO of whatever-you-were-buying. It's the day when you hit every green light to all your destinations. It's the day where you forget about all your troubles and woes, down a bottle of that bubbly, and do things that'll make your grandma roll over in her grave. But its allll goood.
Below I'm hitting you with 3 banging tracks that'll go perfect with yo girl's banging body!! (psyche! we all know you got a FAT CHICK!!!)

Fuck The System (Designer Drugs Remix):

Can we all agree that, DD has the sickest name ever. I luvs doin' designer drugz! A big theme in today's post is all about that punk-rock electro filth that is guaranteed to break a muthafvcka's neck! Guns blazing, Designer Drugs leads you into battle against the man in this epic track. Rawk On bruvvaz!

Pistols & Hearts (The Bloody Beetroots Remix):

FEBRUARY 15TH, the Beetroots are dropping "Best Of.....Remixes". 23 tracks that will make your ears bleed. I'm loving the rock influence on the Beetroots latest work. Rock out with your clock out!!!
And for those who are attending Coachella.....FUCK YOU! jk. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE DEATH CREW! 

Gilles (Original Mix):

One of the funkiest men in the electro scene, Bart B More hits you with the BASS. This track has that fidget electro funk that'll have you bustin' your best moves in no time! GO TO BEATPORT NOW AND BUY THE REST OF HIS FRESHLY RELEASED EP!!!
For you grimy LA kids, Bart B More will be tearing down the roof at Control 2.11.11 @The Avalon with electro-house sensation, Porter Robinson! These two men are the future of the music! This is an event you absolutely don't want to miss!


Way better than a coachSMELLA ticket


  1. bart b more is tha illest!

  2. word! if youre in Socal, don't miss out on his show @ the avalon! history in the making.