Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BetaTraxX: new EP on it's way!!

      Coming up in the world of electronic dance music, Betatraxx is once of the baddest men on Urf (earth)! His newest EP, titled "X", gets unleashed on February 14th, 2011. Mark ya muthafvckin calendars. So far, he's only released two teaser on Soundcloud and they are masterpieces in their own respective realm! Get a small flavor of the future below:

The X EP Intro:
BetatraXx - "The X EP" Intro by BetatraXx

HA-HAHHH! Bet you weren't expecting that! The boys got some SERIOUS range. At first, I was like "tha fvck? did I click the wrong page?" nope. Very musically talented on both ends of the spectrum! Don't get too comfortable though.....

Panzer 320 (demo):
BetatraXx - Panzer 320 Demo (From 'The X EP') by BetatraXx

This track has got some Hollywood-movie musical composition! You can hear that strong classical background that is very apparent in a lot of his music but he still keeps it dirty with the heavy-rock sound. (click little down arrow to DL).

If you've been living under a rock and not viewing this page on a regular basis (bstrd!), here are my favorites:
(I'm under some serious time constraints right now, so I skipped adding the player. But don't worry about  needing to preview any of the tracks, they all slap!)

Foxtrot ft. Kendahl Gold:
Harvest "Makes my balls pop!" (or at least thats what it sounds like the girl is saying....>_<...i swear i'm not a perv)
Drug Abuse:
Paparazzi (Betatraxx Remix):

-Guess who?????

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