Monday, January 17, 2011

Back with a VENGEANCE!

   WHAT IS UP LOYAL B33T FARMERS! It's been too long and if you haven't been following the Facebook statuses I have been posting, let me briefly explain where the site went/the current situation, and a few new gems added to the site!
First off, Adam is a tard and forgot to renew the domain name ( and so we "lost" the site. I called up the company that rents out domain names and basically, I have to wait til mid-February to "grab" the site back. Sadly, there is potential that I don't get it and someone else grabs it instead (that would be both awful/dick-move on who ever takes it). SO, while we wait til mid-February, the new site URL is FRESHB33TS.BLOGSPOT.COM! 
Tell your friend's and family!
New things: 
Seeing that I am a total n00b at teh interwebz, my buddy Shamb0t ze Web Master is now on board helping me re-vamp the site. If you notice to the right side, we've added a Facebook badge along side our drop box and got a new player! Prreeetttyy KOOL.
Also, we're looking for someone to help design a new banner, if you have any skills in graphic design, shoot us an email at

To download the songs I post:
1. RIGHT-Click the "Harvest" button.
2. Click "Save-As" 
and the song should begin downloading. Kthnx

I think that is it for now, lets get to the B33333TS!!! 

       A few weeks back, Feed Me (formally drum & bass producer Spor) jumped on to music scene, backed by Mau5trap records, putting out a small EP of some HUGE, juicy, deliciously-evil tracks. The sounds vary between heavy prog. house tracks to some filthy electro-dubstep head bangers. It's truly one of the better projects put out more recently. The mau5trap sound is also very apparent, I'm not trying to take anything away from Spor (seeing that he goes absolutely hammer) but if someone told me Skrillex and Deadmau5 made this EP, I could believe that too. Can't wait to see what else he/the label is going to bring to the table. 
While I love every single track, here are 3 that will give you a real taste of what this man can do!

Talk To Me:

Right-click/Save As to ---> Harvest
A dark prog. haus track for those days when you're feeling justin bieber-hair and lots of mascara (when you're feeling emo). 

Cloudburn ft. Tasha Baxter:
Harvest Just to keep reminding you/get you used to it, RIGHT-CLICK, Save As :)!

His dubstep side! Make dem speakerz go hamma'!!!!! Really big similarities to Skrillex in the sense that all the power tools are turned on at same time and getting drilled into your head all at once. Good luck, have fun, tis a beastly b33t!

Grand Theft Ecstasy:
Harvest! What's that? The link isn't working/taking you to a random page? WELL YOU'RE PROBABLY DOING IT ALL WRONG! (jk) RIGHT-click that shvt and then click Save As! 

Some grimy electro-house to shake that tail feather to. 


Very happy to be black...i mean back (HAH!)

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