Monday, January 31, 2011


      San Luis Obispo, CA. Although some might say we're in the middle of no where, I've never seen such a live and healthy electronic dance scene! Over the past year, we've attracted big names like Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, and JFK (from MSTRKRFT), along with endless local talent, melting faces nearly every weekend! THIS THURSDAY (Feb. 3), if you couldn't read the giant poster at the top of this post, two of SoCal's hottest acts, LA Riots and Peace Treaty shall be bringing down the electro-hammer all night long! And like I said earlier, SLO is chock-full of local talent, so be on time because you don't want to miss out on heavy-hitter, Audio Bit and college, party-crew, the Professors, throwing down the opening sets.
Get your tickets NOW and be ready to cut some serious rug!

And for those who can't make it to SLO, they'll be in Santa Barbara Friday night:

Don't know who any of these artists are? Check out some of my favorite b33ts b-low:

LA Riots:
Paradise Poltergeist (LA Riots Remix):


The Drop (Original Mix):

Didn't know LA Riots could throw down the dirty dutch-electro? This b33t is a must-harvest!

Peace Treaty:
This trio defines dirty-electro. Wild synth-lines, skull-crushing drops, and everything in between, you don't want to miss out on this show!
Kick Drum (PT Remix):


Lets Go (PT Remix):


A newer group of DJs that have popped up in SLO, these guys know how to get your blood boiling. Below is their latest "Riot Mix". Its raucous, belligerent, and unholy. Very versatile, it ranges from dirty-electro, house bangers, and wibbly-wobbly dubstep that'll have you eargasming for 50 mins straight (or how ever long the mix is).
Professors' Riot Mix by Professors
For you Soundcloud n00bs, to download, click the little down arrow.

Like what you hear? Stay updated and follow them on Facebook and Soundcloud!!!

I wasn't too familiar with this guy's music so I put on my detective hat and did a little hunting. When I say this guy is a heavy hitter, I mean head-in-the-microwave, staring straight at the sun, sting ray stinger  through the heart, Steve Irwin-style (RIP). Not to sure where I was going with those analogies but you get what I'm saying! His producing skills are on point with dubstep looking to be his specialty. I couldn't find any tracks for download but MAKE SURE to check out his Soundcloud and give them a listen.
Here's a track to give you a taste:
Audiobit - I Need You by AUDIOBIT!
Not for the faint hearted!

Like what youz heard? His Facebook and all his tracks on his Soundcloud

Put on your party G-stringz, izza 'bout ta be BUCKWILD!

Friday, January 28, 2011


      Sadly, to my dismay (and surprise), Coachella tickets got swallowed up in less than two months, leaving me in the dust :(! Unless I can cough up an arm and a leg, good bye Coachella.... I guess I'll just  sit here and bvtch and moan. Jk. It's Friday, the best day of the week. It's the day of the week where you put a dollar in the vending machine and you get TWO of whatever-you-were-buying. It's the day when you hit every green light to all your destinations. It's the day where you forget about all your troubles and woes, down a bottle of that bubbly, and do things that'll make your grandma roll over in her grave. But its allll goood.
Below I'm hitting you with 3 banging tracks that'll go perfect with yo girl's banging body!! (psyche! we all know you got a FAT CHICK!!!)

Fuck The System (Designer Drugs Remix):

Can we all agree that, DD has the sickest name ever. I luvs doin' designer drugz! A big theme in today's post is all about that punk-rock electro filth that is guaranteed to break a muthafvcka's neck! Guns blazing, Designer Drugs leads you into battle against the man in this epic track. Rawk On bruvvaz!

Pistols & Hearts (The Bloody Beetroots Remix):

FEBRUARY 15TH, the Beetroots are dropping "Best Of.....Remixes". 23 tracks that will make your ears bleed. I'm loving the rock influence on the Beetroots latest work. Rock out with your clock out!!!
And for those who are attending Coachella.....FUCK YOU! jk. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE DEATH CREW! 

Gilles (Original Mix):

One of the funkiest men in the electro scene, Bart B More hits you with the BASS. This track has that fidget electro funk that'll have you bustin' your best moves in no time! GO TO BEATPORT NOW AND BUY THE REST OF HIS FRESHLY RELEASED EP!!!
For you grimy LA kids, Bart B More will be tearing down the roof at Control 2.11.11 @The Avalon with electro-house sensation, Porter Robinson! These two men are the future of the music! This is an event you absolutely don't want to miss!


Way better than a coachSMELLA ticket

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BetaTraxX: new EP on it's way!!

      Coming up in the world of electronic dance music, Betatraxx is once of the baddest men on Urf (earth)! His newest EP, titled "X", gets unleashed on February 14th, 2011. Mark ya muthafvckin calendars. So far, he's only released two teaser on Soundcloud and they are masterpieces in their own respective realm! Get a small flavor of the future below:

The X EP Intro:
BetatraXx - "The X EP" Intro by BetatraXx

HA-HAHHH! Bet you weren't expecting that! The boys got some SERIOUS range. At first, I was like "tha fvck? did I click the wrong page?" nope. Very musically talented on both ends of the spectrum! Don't get too comfortable though.....

Panzer 320 (demo):
BetatraXx - Panzer 320 Demo (From 'The X EP') by BetatraXx

This track has got some Hollywood-movie musical composition! You can hear that strong classical background that is very apparent in a lot of his music but he still keeps it dirty with the heavy-rock sound. (click little down arrow to DL).

If you've been living under a rock and not viewing this page on a regular basis (bstrd!), here are my favorites:
(I'm under some serious time constraints right now, so I skipped adding the player. But don't worry about  needing to preview any of the tracks, they all slap!)

Foxtrot ft. Kendahl Gold:
Harvest "Makes my balls pop!" (or at least thats what it sounds like the girl is saying....>_<...i swear i'm not a perv)
Drug Abuse:
Paparazzi (Betatraxx Remix):

-Guess who?????

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


     Today's post is aimed for the dubsteppers and drum and bass-headz. I've compiled 4 hawt tracks that bump, wobble, and grind! Each track consists of that heavy, heavy bass we all know and love, along with sounds dirtier then your mother (yeah, sorry to break it to you, she's a slore!) Lezzzgo!

Internet Connection (Flux Pavillion):
A silly remix on an MIA track.

Now that you've warmed up your ear drums, time to hit you with some kinkier b33ts:
Start it off with...

Hypercaine (Nero Dubstep Remix):

This man alone is changing the face of dubstep! Completely smashes DJ Fresh's original idea and creates a whole new song! Nothing is going to put a bigger frown on your face.

Cinema (Skrillex Remix):

Very original remix from another pioneer of electro-step. Skrillex turns what was a friendly house tune into the monster in your closet that had you pissing your pants and crying for ya mumsy! 

Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday:

Camo & Krooked are two dirty drum and bass bstrdz whose goal is to cause you bodily harm. On this track, they combine an ass-load of dirty synth with uptempo, HEAVY percussion lines that force the masses into a mindless rampage.

Always thanks for reading! and n-joy!

Monday, January 24, 2011


       Long time, no see! I'm going to cut the small talk and get right to the music. This past weekend I came across one of the biggest progressive house b33ts EVAR!! Moguai (also a member of mau5trap records) crafts together a hard-driving rhythm with a steady-flowing, uplifting melody that brings a sense of relaxation; yet this b33t is far from soft. Along with it, it carries a big-room sound that'll have any crowd start cutting some serious rug! Get underground, cuz this shvt is blowing up errTHANG! HEAVY HITTER!

Optinuum (Original Mix):

Harvest or DIE!

I think it's politically correct to say that you'll shvt a gawd damn gold brick!


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Mail all gold shvt bricks to the b33t headquarters where we'll began constructing the b33t lub-Or-RIT-tory/s3x palace. (jaykay)

JUST CAME ACROSS THIS VID!! SO PUMPED FOR FEB 1ST!! Another soul-rattling track from Dada Life!! These guys keep getting better and better....


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Start Your Engine(s)!

What up what up what up, Tshamz here making my inaugural post.  I won't be posting nearly as much as Jkilla, but because the blog is under my gmail account, I can do whatever I want (did I hear you correctly?  you want more lawnmowers...?).  I've been lurking around in the background the last couple of weeks, trying to clean up all of adam ski(less)field's mistakes, but now I'm ready to make my grand entrance with two huge tracks.  Despite being a month old, these b33ts are still just as fresh as the day they came out. Some people might say any idiot could have found them, but it was hard for me, so back off!

Hunger (The Oddword Remix)

The bass in this song is so massive, it will shake your eyeballs and make your balls tingle.  The only problem is, if you listen to it on weak spekarz or hedfonez, you don't get any of that nasty bass and then I look like an idiot.  Go buy some nice headphones and GOML.

Antidote (Original Mix)

I don't really know how to describe this song, so I won't.  Just listen to it.  Highlights include the organ sounds that start ~1:50 and everything between 3:30 and ~5:00.  Solid gold.


P.S. Adam, I saw some Palo Alto Utilities worker walking around with a brand new pair of skis.  He was amazed that some idiot would just leave a pair of skis sitting at a friend's house for so long.  I wonder if he knows the guy who got your skis...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel-thee Fry-dey

      Good morrow! I hate it when I fall asleep while watching the tele and forget to brush my pearly whites >_< Today, as I was shuffling through my iTunes I came across some old bangers that had to be shared with you. This works well because it's Friday and Friday means getting belligerently drunk, hitting up cl00bz, and grinding the booty meat off as many females you can before security drags you out (jk, don't drink, it's the devil! don't go to cl00bz, it's the devil! don't "grind booty meat", it's far too many calories). #Timetravel via #hottubtimemachine.

Bonkers ft. Armand Van Helden:

Harvest (128 kbps, srry)
Dizzee on the mic, accompanied by Armand. When it drops, yo neck gon' break off!

Fast Life ft. Alex Peace:

Bad Boy Bill's (the best DJ in the world) own original work!
*I feel stupid admitting this but we're all human (or are we denser?): House music originated in Chicago (BBB's hometown). I knew it didn't start in Europe but I had no idea it started in the USA!!!!!  We're awesome! (as is bacon, the meat of the gods, and drive thru's, shake weights, and fake tans. AmurrKA).

Damascus (Dada Life Remix):

EVERYTHING Dada Life makes is gold! I freaking love those swedes. They make THEE phattest/philthiest house beats! At first this remix threw me a little off, the weird gargle noise, the suprisingly mellow house cords, etc....then I got deeper into the song and I twas a feesh. Give it a 3 listens and don't tell me you're not obsessed. Dada Life for every fucking win/championship/music and life award.


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ps. anyone catch my Killer's reference??
I'm so clever!....and cool...and strong...and good looking.... (just keeding!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Massive House Tune! Steve Angello + Alex Metric

       Today, ladies and gents, you'll get a fresh taste of where the top producers of this industry are taking the music. Open Your Eyes is a massive collaboration between House-innovator/extraordinaire, Steve Angello, and acid-minded, Alex Metric. Together the two bring to the table a whole new style of music. The song starts off in a classic SHM (Swedish House Mafia) style; long chord progressions with building piano lines. As it grows, your ear begins to pick up dirtier sounds right to the drop, where some heavy acid-house sounds take over, forcing you to pump your fists and stomp your feet. It breaks down nicely into some sweeter sounding-house, calming the beast and leaving you begging for more. 

Open Your Eyes:
What I'm a little confused about is, I thought this song was set to be released on 1.31.11 but my iTunes tells me that I've had this song since September.....I don't know if this is some kind of rough edit I'm sharing with you because it sounds just like the full version Pete Tong played on Radio 1 the other day. Either way, enjoy and spread this track like wild fire. 

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


^Released by 1.11.11 (Not the real line up)

     As you probably know by now, the 2011 Coachella line up has finally been released. And another thing you probably know is that Daft Punk will NOT be there :( BSTRDZ! The picture above was posted by, and they stated that it was not sent to them from Coachella but had many potential names confirmed from their own personal list. 
Here's the REAL line up. It's interesting to compare the two:
^released 1.18.11

      While this is a godly line up, its a little too indie-rock for me. Arcade Fire headlining? really? Then again....some people might be complaining about the massive amounts of house DJs..but FVCK EM! (Jk). 
To make it a little easier on your eyes, I went through the official line up and took out all (some might of slipped past) the electronic acts on each day. Starting from the big names, down to the "smaller" acts, and bolding the ones that made me a little wet ^_^

The Chemical Brothers, Crystal Castles, Magnetic Man, Erick Morillo, Cut Copy, Boyz Noize, Afrojack, Nosaj Thing, A-Trak, Kele, Skrillex, 12th Planet

Steve Angello!!!!!, Paul Van Dyk, Fedde Le Grand, Laidback Luke (did not impress me at TAO...tsk tsk), Two Door Cinema, Chuckie, Joachim Garraud, Sbtrkt

Axwell!!!!, The Bloody Beetroots: Death Crew 77, Chromeo, Duck Sauce, Green Velvet, Jack Beats, Tinie Tempah, Plan B, Caspa, Riva Starr, Ellie Goulding

Judging by my bolds, I'm most pumped for Sunday but all in all, all 3 days are filled with some of the freshest acts to date! This should be an event for the books! I couldn't post a million songs, so here are a few downloads of some heavy hitting tracks! 
******Due to time constraints, I had to leave out the On-page player today. If you want to preview the track before harvesting, LEFT-click the link and it will take you to an off-page player. Thanks for understanding.

Don't Think -The Chemical Brothers:

I Found You -Axwell:

Knas -Steve Angello:

Pass Out (Afrojack Remix) Preview -Tinie Tempah: 

Something Good Can Work (BeatauCue Remix) -Two Door Cinema:


A buddy showed me this line up...I rofl'd:

Super pumped for "Some Black Guy!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


^Bad assery at its finest

      School blows a thousand dicks. I've said it multiple times but i'll say it again: I wish I was born a trust fund baby. (If any of you rich folk out there are having trouble finding ways to spend your stacks of gold, holla at me!) Yeah, I don't have it nearly as bad as other people, but ranting is nice. Below I've got two electro tracks that easily have topped my personal charts. They are heavier than sin and will melt your speakers to the ground. N-joi

Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix):

I've never heard of these guys before but this song is going to blow up the charts. A combination of head-splitting synth and explosive bass will have you out of your chair, punching your friends in the face. I fell into a coma after the count down....

The King is Back:

I shared a Charles I remix track with you guys way back when, titled "It's Love" (I'd link you but I can't seem to find the post) but if you remember, it was a pretty little ditty. When this song came across my screen, I thought "sweet, probably going to have some nice keyboard lines, 'cute' lyrics, and have that indie sound like a lot of his other tracks". I was wrong. Very interesting song that shows that Sir Charles has got tha funk but can also bring some incredibly dirty noise we all know and love! Raise your pitch fork to the king!

Please let all your friends know our URL changed! That'd be AWESOME!!!!

oh one more thing! Can't wait for the release of this song! HIT YOU WIT DAT STEVE ANGELLO/ALEX METRIC 1-2 COMBO! 5/5 B33ts.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back with a VENGEANCE!

   WHAT IS UP LOYAL B33T FARMERS! It's been too long and if you haven't been following the Facebook statuses I have been posting, let me briefly explain where the site went/the current situation, and a few new gems added to the site!
First off, Adam is a tard and forgot to renew the domain name ( and so we "lost" the site. I called up the company that rents out domain names and basically, I have to wait til mid-February to "grab" the site back. Sadly, there is potential that I don't get it and someone else grabs it instead (that would be both awful/dick-move on who ever takes it). SO, while we wait til mid-February, the new site URL is FRESHB33TS.BLOGSPOT.COM! 
Tell your friend's and family!
New things: 
Seeing that I am a total n00b at teh interwebz, my buddy Shamb0t ze Web Master is now on board helping me re-vamp the site. If you notice to the right side, we've added a Facebook badge along side our drop box and got a new player! Prreeetttyy KOOL.
Also, we're looking for someone to help design a new banner, if you have any skills in graphic design, shoot us an email at

To download the songs I post:
1. RIGHT-Click the "Harvest" button.
2. Click "Save-As" 
and the song should begin downloading. Kthnx

I think that is it for now, lets get to the B33333TS!!! 

       A few weeks back, Feed Me (formally drum & bass producer Spor) jumped on to music scene, backed by Mau5trap records, putting out a small EP of some HUGE, juicy, deliciously-evil tracks. The sounds vary between heavy prog. house tracks to some filthy electro-dubstep head bangers. It's truly one of the better projects put out more recently. The mau5trap sound is also very apparent, I'm not trying to take anything away from Spor (seeing that he goes absolutely hammer) but if someone told me Skrillex and Deadmau5 made this EP, I could believe that too. Can't wait to see what else he/the label is going to bring to the table. 
While I love every single track, here are 3 that will give you a real taste of what this man can do!

Talk To Me:

Right-click/Save As to ---> Harvest
A dark prog. haus track for those days when you're feeling justin bieber-hair and lots of mascara (when you're feeling emo). 

Cloudburn ft. Tasha Baxter:
Harvest Just to keep reminding you/get you used to it, RIGHT-CLICK, Save As :)!

His dubstep side! Make dem speakerz go hamma'!!!!! Really big similarities to Skrillex in the sense that all the power tools are turned on at same time and getting drilled into your head all at once. Good luck, have fun, tis a beastly b33t!

Grand Theft Ecstasy:
Harvest! What's that? The link isn't working/taking you to a random page? WELL YOU'RE PROBABLY DOING IT ALL WRONG! (jk) RIGHT-click that shvt and then click Save As! 

Some grimy electro-house to shake that tail feather to. 


Very happy to be black...i mean back (HAH!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I'm Listening to

     Lately, I feel like there has not been a lot of artists releasing tracks in this New Year. What I do know is that its not like these guys are taking vacations; more like they are taking a break from performing and are hitting the studio hard to start the year off right! A few artists to keep a tab on are Dada Life and Jack Beats. Both have confirmed to be dropping new albums within the next few months!
While we wait, here to a few tunes that have been blowing my speakers. BIG THINGS ARE COMING.

Wildcat (Lazy Rich Remix):

I've been hunting for this track for days! Finally got my hands on a good quality copy! It's every thing you'd expect from two of the hardest electro-house producers. These guys continue to cross over between hard-electro and dubstep, creating sounds that will make your head pop! 

Rainbow of Love:

Nice little tropical tune by Bob Sinclar. Turn those frowns upside down!

Mr. Brown Is Back In Town (Gigi Barocco Remix):

Dirty house banger that'll get the crowd jumping. The little kid vocals in the middle are kind weird....but the track still slaps!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dubst3p M3ws1k

      I know in the past I've said this and that about dubstep but as I listen to a wider range, I'm starting to gain a little more appreciation. With that said, I will continue to stick to the fact that when its overdone, it flat out sucks but there are a handful of artists that I really dig. Here are 4 tracks from 4 artists that I feel make the cut and help push this newer style of music into a more main stream crowd. 

Could This Be Real:
THIS is MUSIC, ladies and gentlemen. Sub Focus brings down the hammer with a funky melody and heavy drop. Phat b33t for your basket. Jam out with your clam out!

Me & You:
Nero creates a big room sound with this hard-rock-party-anthem chune! 

The Island Part 2 (Dusk):
Pt 2 shreds pt 1 to bits! Pendulum lets loose the evil twin in this head banging dnb track!

White Satin:
Zeds Dead my friends!


Monday, January 3, 2011


   Hailing from the Netherlands, Dem Slackers, is slowly and surely taking the world by storm! At the young age of 18 years, his producing capabilities step up against some of the best. His music is hard-driving, heavy, and verrrry filthy! As he continues to pump out tracks left and right, he has gained large support from big names like Fake Blood, Steve Aoki, Crookers, and Weezy! While I have yet to see a lot of North American recognition for this young feller, be on the watch because he is blowing up FAST like Nascar.
Hop on the his b33t wagon! Peep these naughty traXxX!

Swagger (Clouds Remix):

Click Here to Harvest
I was having a little trouble finding the original, so here is the Clouds remix. Smashin'!

Purple Cactus (Dem Slackers Remix):

Click Here to Harvest
Everything from the build up, to the break down, til when it drops is muthafvckin' KRAZY (with a K!)

Fifty What (Dem Slackers Remix):

Click Here to Harvest
First heard this when Fake Blood dropped it at Hard Haunted. One of my favorite tracks to this day!


Saturday, January 1, 2011


^guess what this picture is and win big PRIZES!

      HELLLLLLOOOO WISCONSIN!!! I hope you all had an amazing NYE! I spent the night the best way possible: hours of non-stop skull rattlage! I just thought I'd share a few tids bits of my evening and reminisce on this years awesome amounts of electronic dance music! 

First off, I'd like to say these large events could be so much better if the guys at the top pulled their heads out of their asses and did simple things like setting up more than ONE entrance and if that's too much AT LEAST put up some paper signs pointing people which direction to go...
Annnnyways, after a two hour, claustrophobic-filled, wait in line, I got in just in time to head over to the Saturday Night Sessions Arena for Afrojack! I would have to say, he was the high light of the night! Below I posted a few coherent videos (a digicam can only do so much) of some of his monstrous set:
****NOTE****Put the video quality as high as possible.

Blew everyone's pants off with this intro. Beware of the head splitting drop!

Through out his set, he kept teasing the crowd, dropping samples from one of his biggest hits. Finally the time came....
Watch the crowd erupt!

Take Over Control:

Real High:

Does anyone know the name of the song right before he leads into Real High? Sounds like something Basshunter would make...

Sprinted over to the main stage tent to peep some Dada Life! Unfortunately, the sound on a lot of the videos came out really choppy soo0o0....I'm leaving you with just one vid....and ironically, it's an Afrojack song haha (long story short: I missed my opportunity to film it when Afrojack dropped it during his set so yeahhhh... It was amazing either way)

*Random side note: Be on the look out for the release of Dada Life's Remix of "Through the Prism". Beast mode.

Laidback Luke dropping his newest single after midnight:

FINALLY, came Wolfgang. After almost 2 hours of non-stop musical bliss, he closed his set with one of the most epic Bob Marley remixes in the world! If you have this track in mp3, PLEASE put it in my dropbox!!! I will luvz u furevar!
Sun is Shining (Electro Edit):
Sweet melody and sweeter drop. I need this song in its entirety....

We here at Fresh B33ts want to give a thanks to all you readers. Big things to come this new year! The world ends in 2012 so lets get fvckkkeed upp!!! jk. Save the Planet, go green N organic!

-Jkilla & Adam Shitfield