Monday, December 13, 2010

Massive Monday Music DUMP!!!!

     I am about to shoot myself in the head. Studied over 40 hours this past weekend. It needs to stop soon. 'Nuff of my Bvtching, time 4 musik!
The Tron Legacy Soundtrack dropped on Friday (or was it Saturday?), it is quite delicious, I must say. Below I've added 2 more dark and heavy songs that I find quite delectable!

The Game Has Changed:

End Of The Line:

Next up, I got two slapping remix's of the latest Black Eyed Pea's single "The Time (Dirty Bit)". Now, before you more pretentious electronic folk over look these b33ts seeing that you think you're better than the BEPs....well let me put it this way: You might be better than the BEPs, but you're not better than these remixes. Harvest or DiE! Head Bangers x 10.
The Time (Dirty Bit) (Afrojack Remix):

This remix has a real heavy Benny Benassi influence. You'll see what I mean once you give it a listen. 

The Time (Zedd Remix):
Click Here to Harvest (DL)HEAVY b33t HITTER!
Lawd have mercy on mah soul! Not to be confused with Zed's Dead (Dubstep), Zedd takes this song in  a strong electro-house direction. Synth madness with some skull rattling bass. I personally like this one way more than Afro's. 

And speaking of Zed's Dead, I thought I'd toss one of his tracks.
Rude Boy:

This ain't no BS-Rihanna remix of the sort. Really grungy and heavy! This gets my dubstep stamp of approval!

Hanging on by a thread,


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