Saturday, December 18, 2010


^if you don't know what this is then you deserve to kill yourself....

   Happy as a clam! No more school for a month. It's prime time for some vegetation, no breathing. Sorry for abandoning you guy for a little bit, in return, I'm hitting you guys with some brain-crushing b33ts! Less squawking from me, enjoy.

Dirty Money (Boemklatsch):
I think it's "Boom Klatch" like bass-snare. Get it?
 Indie-rock feel. Sweet, head banging b33t. Harvest Now!

Illusions (Original Mix):
I don't know what's up with the constant name changes (Eric Prydz, Cirez D, Pryda) but either way this man puts the tech in TECHNICAL NOISE! (I've decided that's what techno stands for, or is that what it actually stands for...?) Coming at you HOT with his newest track. This song doesn't drop in 8 bars and melt your face so give it some time. Beautiful b33t from ePrydz.

Paradise Poltergeist ft. Steve Gay-oki (LA Riots Remix):

(jk. ^still Facebook. What ever happened to Myspace?)

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