Wednesday, December 1, 2010


       How-D! Finally got off my lazy @$$ and dug up the fresh EP, Black Billionaires by Carte Blanche. If you liked 'Politrix' (posted a few days ago), you're going to go ape sh*t for the rest their songs. It is hard for me to give it a specific genre; Beatport classifies the duo (DJ Mehdi and Riton) as electro house but I hear a lot of funk and extra power! Grooves reallllll hard! Enjoy.

Black Billionaires:

Do! Do! Do! (Ft. Kid Sister):

This delicious b33t has a solid electronica vibe and smooth lyrics from the one and only, Kid Sister.  

Do! Do! Do! (Laidback Luke Remix):
Click Here to Harvest! Vitamin B recommended! 

Jimminy Cricket!!! He does it again! Sir Luke keeps the funky upbeat feel but tastefully adds a strong big room sound. IT DOESN'T GET FReSHER THAN THIS! TRIPE GRADE A ORGANIC GOODNESS.

IF YOU LIKE THESE SONGS, GO BUY THE REST OF THE EP! You won't regret it! Trunk Slaps x 1000.


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