Friday, November 5, 2010

Too much good stuff!

^I lyk3 l4z0rz!!!!

WOWOWOWOWOW too much good music has been flooding teh interwebz lately. I couldn't keep this post in a specific category so I'm going to toss you a few b33ts that will challenge your EDM plethora. The  songs range from some boogie get down tunes to absolute neck breakers! It's the FrEaKeNd! Get to it and harvest these b33ts!

It's Love (Charles I Remix):

I don't know what it is about this b33t, but it's funky and fresh and reminds me of the 70's...
Warm up the palate with this b33t cuz whats coming next is going to squeeze thy soul!

Gold Guns Girls (Betatraxx Remix):

I'm going to do a better post on Betatraxx but if you like Skrillex, dubstep, heavy synth, and drum N bass sound, you'll LOVE Betatraxx!

Now...for the ultimate PHACE MELT!!!!

Need Your Loving (Felix Cartel Remix):

This is one rotten b33t! and I mean that it THEE BEST way possible! After listening to this bad boy you'll need to go to church to cleanse yourself from your sins! SUPER FILTHY!!!! 
I know its a little old but I just got it in 320 so HARVEST NOW!
(Prepare yourself @2:32)

happy friday,


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