Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Post: Rank 1

^Rank 1

     Usually I get too lazy to post much on the weekends but I don't have much to do tonight (yeah, yeah I'm loser)and this Rank 1 ch00n(tune) came up on shuffle; it's some heavier sounding trance and has a nice dance feel, so I thought you might appreciate it. Rank 1 is a Dutch trance duo that blew up in the late 90's/early 00's. Classic. I'm only sharing one of their tracks, so do yourself a little extra digging and go check out their other stuff on Beatport

And Then:
The usual embed player is being an A-hole so here's a youtube vid. preview:

Listen from start to finish. This song hits hard non stop. @around 1:40 in the video (3:40 on the DL track) the ridiculousness begins.

Binge drink yourselves into Sunday. GLHF (/for teh n00bz: good luck, have fun), ttyl


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