Monday, November 8, 2010

Mondays suck. GRUM!


Day light savings. Don't know if I like it or not. Just got finished with a terrible calc. test. Probably got an F, but it's fine! 
Today, I bring you GRUM! Hailing from the UK, this man blends beautiful disco sounds to grooving 80's back beats along with a lot of synth, synth, synth!
When I'm cruising on my yacht, on a hot, summer night on the Mediterranean, I'm playing GRUM!

Wherever We Are (GRUM remix):

If you were only able to harvest 1 b33t today, this is it! 

Through the Night:

Can't Shake This Feeling:

Feeeeel ittt, feeeel it. Put this b33t in your basket.

Little bonus! New Deadmau5 world exclusive on BBC radio! I wish I could talk trash on the mau5 but he keeps dropping ridiculous tracks!!!! Pretty dope! All I could find was a YouTube vid:

The build at 2:35 is INTENSE!

Enjoy your week!


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