Wednesday, November 17, 2010


    Recently, this new movie, Tron, has been getting a lot of a hype. I'm not sure why, maybe its out of my time era but one thing that does have me at the edge of my seat is that Daft Punk is recording the sound track! Unbelievable! Blogs all over the internet have released these 2 tracks and I want to share them with you. Innovative and imaginative, Daft Punk rules all!


I imagine myself flying around inside a computer while listening to this track. Four to the floor and shredding solos make this song a b33t to keep!

6 Minutes of 'Tron Legacy' Score:
Listen all the way through! 

LET ME TELL YOU! This song should be in Lord of the Rings or something! It's like Daft Punk and John Williams had sex and this song was born! I can't even call this a song...this is a MUSICAL COMPOSITION! A masterpiece of its time! It shows the genius/capabilities (Not that we didn't already know) that these electronic Gods possess. Thank you for blessing us, unworthy peasants, with your heavenly serenades. DAFT PUNK 4 COACHELLA 2011!!!!

Part 2:

All That You Give ft. Mindy Gledhill:

In an EDM world heavily based on European power houses, Kaskade handles his business and tops the  charts, all while reppin' the Ooh-Es-of AY! GET EM! This Big Room B33t will blow anyone off their feet! The vocals are dope and the song in its entirety has a nice heavier house over what he normally puts out.

All I Ask of You Ft. Penny:

Another b33t that makes me go WOW! If you're listening to it now, you probably didn't guess that SKRILLEX produced it! If you don't know, he currently produces under deadmau5's label, Mau5trap. The sounds are very apparent: really strong progressive house feel like something...well...deadmau5 might make. Complete turn around from his normal electro filth! A pleasant change and a GREAT track! HARVEST HARVEST HARVEST. 

Half way to the weekend!

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