Monday, November 22, 2010

Mainstream Monday

G'day mates! Today I wanted to address the main stream growth of EDM. It's getting huge! Big names like Deadmau5 and David Guetta (One Love) are tearing it up world wide, collaborating with rap stars, r&b artists, rock stars and more, spreading that electronic goodness. Tons of other artists are following suit as well: Diplo recently put out a remixed mixtape of Gucci Mane Songs (CLICK HERE TO FREE GUCCI!!!!, just put in fake info), The Black Eyed Peas more recent productions have HEAVY electro influence etc etc. It's an unstoppable movement! And while at times it gets really annoying hearing the same main stream "electronic songs" over and over again, why should I complain? In the end it should only help other artists break out and possibly change people's taste to enjoy the more refined/"sophisticated" electronic chunes. 
Here are some b33ts for you folks who are less inclined towards the other more awesome filth I usually share  :)

Do It Like This:

This BEP track has a nice dutch house feel. Drops phat @3:25. If you didn't know, their last album was produced by Guetta. Also, (who goes by Zuper Blahq when he DJs) does lots of work with a lot of other electronic DJ's like Afrojack and Aoki, which helps explain their new sounds in all their more recent tracks.

Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta (Felguk Remix):

Felguk does it again with another party anthem. The build ups are nice and the drops hurt. This remix pwns the original so hard.

Keep Up (Tony Pryde Remix):

Hyper Crush, LMFAO, Far East Movement, etc are what I categorize as electro-pop: catchy beats, catchy lyrics, and finely ride the line of top 40 party rap or electro. Either way, they got talent and have showed capability to put out bangers. The extra filth added by Tony Pryde makes this b33t very versatile. Drop this b33t at your next phrat party or warehouse rave.

Turkey day in three days!! Hawluhhh

OH! Wolfgang Gartner recently put out some songs he produced from the ages 12-18. Here's the link: 
Very interesting to see how his sound developed into the monster he is today.

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