Monday, November 29, 2010

Interweb bangers!


    Greetings harvesters, today I bring you some head bangers to get you through this vicious last couple of weeks of school. When you're at the end of your wits and to the point of punching a hole through you face; lock your doors, turn up the bass, and smash your head against the nearest wall to these bang-h0rz. 
See, all better! Now get back to yo' bookz N git dat A! 

Kill Everybody:

Absolute MONSTROUS TRACK! Gotta love the signature Skrillex growls and the heavy bass in yo face! Stress reliever fer shure BREH. 

Politrix As Usual:

Absolute rug-cutting, face melting, dear-t, electro philth! This b33t has everything I love to hear in a track: solid build ups, satisfying drops, and grime!
Side note: the guy on the track sounds like Eminem....

Some days I wake up wishing I was born a trust fund baby....

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