Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ghostland Observatory!...and 1 other song

'Ello friends! Today I bring you an interesting Indie-Rock-Electronic group, Ghostland Observatory! I was first introduced to this group by a friend of mine and after one listen of "Sad Sad City" I was hooked. The simple keyboard/synth lines and clever lyrics make this band a fun listen. Give 'em a try.

Sad Sad City:

Piano Man:

This up tempo song will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head to the b33t! Beware of the nasty piano solo! Boy can play *_*

Give Me the Beat:

When you're riding in your B33t Mobile with your boiz (or hoez), roll down the wagon tarp and let this one play

Just because I am too lazy to make another post...

This song came out a few weeks ago but I finally got my hands on a version in 320 kbps :)
Now I know there is a lot of controversy/personal feelings when it comes to the mau5 but it would be ignorant to discredit his production abilities. He may seem like a main stream sell out, his live production might have got a little sh*ttier but he makes SLAPS! 

Sofi Needs a Ladder:

"Drop you like a needle on the record, flip a switch!"
Catchy chune with a lotta 'TUDE!


ALMOST AT 5HUNNIT! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS A FAN OF FRESHB33TS ON FACEBOOK! Keep spreading the electrlove! (ee-lek-trrrluhv)

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