Monday, November 29, 2010

Interweb bangers!


    Greetings harvesters, today I bring you some head bangers to get you through this vicious last couple of weeks of school. When you're at the end of your wits and to the point of punching a hole through you face; lock your doors, turn up the bass, and smash your head against the nearest wall to these bang-h0rz. 
See, all better! Now get back to yo' bookz N git dat A! 

Kill Everybody:

Absolute MONSTROUS TRACK! Gotta love the signature Skrillex growls and the heavy bass in yo face! Stress reliever fer shure BREH. 

Politrix As Usual:

Absolute rug-cutting, face melting, dear-t, electro philth! This b33t has everything I love to hear in a track: solid build ups, satisfying drops, and grime!
Side note: the guy on the track sounds like Eminem....

Some days I wake up wishing I was born a trust fund baby....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Post: Rank 1

^Rank 1

     Usually I get too lazy to post much on the weekends but I don't have much to do tonight (yeah, yeah I'm loser)and this Rank 1 ch00n(tune) came up on shuffle; it's some heavier sounding trance and has a nice dance feel, so I thought you might appreciate it. Rank 1 is a Dutch trance duo that blew up in the late 90's/early 00's. Classic. I'm only sharing one of their tracks, so do yourself a little extra digging and go check out their other stuff on Beatport

And Then:
The usual embed player is being an A-hole so here's a youtube vid. preview:

Listen from start to finish. This song hits hard non stop. @around 1:40 in the video (3:40 on the DL track) the ridiculousness begins.

Binge drink yourselves into Sunday. GLHF (/for teh n00bz: good luck, have fun), ttyl


Thursday, November 25, 2010


^Did the pilgrims really dress this naughty?

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OUR LOYAL B33T FARMERS! Do you know what my favorite food it? Yup, you guessed it! FRESH B33TS :) Right before you pass out from all the turkey you've stuffed down your gullet, kick back and play a few smooth chunes!

Smile Like You Mean it (Madeon Remix):

With Brandon Flowers dropping his solo album soon, this song is very appropriate. Madeon adds a little Nu-Disco flair to this banger. Sweet dreams.

Dub Disco (Lucky Disco Remix):

Enough laying around, get pilgrim rowdy to this dub-b33t. 

Have a good weekend,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

YES!!!!!!!!!! EPIC b33t!!! HARVEST NOW!!

zomg zomg zomg zomg! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!! About a month ago, Fake Blood dropped this BEASTLY b33t at Hard Haunted, I almost fainted (not really, I ain't no b*tch! jk). Luckily, I caught it on camera and was able to get a song ID etc etc and eventually pass it on to you, loyal b33t farmers.

Menace aka Kris Menace aka Christophe Hoeffel, a tech/house producer, has been dropping bombs on the EDM world since the late 90's, getting large support/working with big names like LCD Soundsystem, Alan Braxe, and more recently Fake Blood.
This track is one of two face melters, freshly released on Beatport off Fake Blood's Label, Blood Music.
En-freaking-joy cuz it doesn't get any better than this!!!!!!!!!!

Hz & Tones (Original Mix):

Click Here to Harvest!!!!   (Removed by artist request)


LIVE FOOTAGE! taken by yours truly

Listen to the people when it finally drops haha tooo gO_Od!


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mainstream Monday

G'day mates! Today I wanted to address the main stream growth of EDM. It's getting huge! Big names like Deadmau5 and David Guetta (One Love) are tearing it up world wide, collaborating with rap stars, r&b artists, rock stars and more, spreading that electronic goodness. Tons of other artists are following suit as well: Diplo recently put out a remixed mixtape of Gucci Mane Songs (CLICK HERE TO FREE GUCCI!!!!, just put in fake info), The Black Eyed Peas more recent productions have HEAVY electro influence etc etc. It's an unstoppable movement! And while at times it gets really annoying hearing the same main stream "electronic songs" over and over again, why should I complain? In the end it should only help other artists break out and possibly change people's taste to enjoy the more refined/"sophisticated" electronic chunes. 
Here are some b33ts for you folks who are less inclined towards the other more awesome filth I usually share  :)

Do It Like This:

This BEP track has a nice dutch house feel. Drops phat @3:25. If you didn't know, their last album was produced by Guetta. Also, (who goes by Zuper Blahq when he DJs) does lots of work with a lot of other electronic DJ's like Afrojack and Aoki, which helps explain their new sounds in all their more recent tracks.

Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta (Felguk Remix):

Felguk does it again with another party anthem. The build ups are nice and the drops hurt. This remix pwns the original so hard.

Keep Up (Tony Pryde Remix):

Hyper Crush, LMFAO, Far East Movement, etc are what I categorize as electro-pop: catchy beats, catchy lyrics, and finely ride the line of top 40 party rap or electro. Either way, they got talent and have showed capability to put out bangers. The extra filth added by Tony Pryde makes this b33t very versatile. Drop this b33t at your next phrat party or warehouse rave.

Turkey day in three days!! Hawluhhh

OH! Wolfgang Gartner recently put out some songs he produced from the ages 12-18. Here's the link: 
Very interesting to see how his sound developed into the monster he is today.

Friday, November 19, 2010


^"hot chicks partying"
in google image search gave me this picture. 
BOOOOWWWLLLINN'!!! (get it?)
    ITS MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK (next to Saturday)!!! To commemorate this spectacular day and what is to come this filthy fr33kend, I bring you THREE skull-rattling tracks that will have you head banging til the wee hours of the night! Here we go....

Take Over Control (Barletta Remix):

1. I'm not sure if I've shared this track with you guys already....if I did, mah B.
2. I know, I know, I'm sick off hearing "Take Over Control" as well blah blah blah BUT boy am I glad I gave this track a chance. Very fresh take on the original, I personally feel its even better! If I like this track and you like what I like, then I know that you know that I know what you'll like :) 

2Gether ft. Kanobby (Sidney Sampson Remix):

 At first I was hesitant about this track, seeing that Far East Movement tends to make really main stream/pop-electronic music but this song is a complete twist of what they normally put out. The vocals and the heavy drive of this song work very well together. They blend the fine line of main stream and grimy electro. This is a great remix on even a greater collab w/ Roger Sanchez. 3 thumbs up.

END your night with a Bizz-ANG:
Mutfakta (Original Mix):

Some dirty, dirty dutch from the man we all know and love, Chuckie! Had this track on repeat for the past few days. Super funky drums with the classic dutch horns make this an A+ b33t!

Do hood rat things with your friends

dreams do come true!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


    Recently, this new movie, Tron, has been getting a lot of a hype. I'm not sure why, maybe its out of my time era but one thing that does have me at the edge of my seat is that Daft Punk is recording the sound track! Unbelievable! Blogs all over the internet have released these 2 tracks and I want to share them with you. Innovative and imaginative, Daft Punk rules all!


I imagine myself flying around inside a computer while listening to this track. Four to the floor and shredding solos make this song a b33t to keep!

6 Minutes of 'Tron Legacy' Score:
Listen all the way through! 

LET ME TELL YOU! This song should be in Lord of the Rings or something! It's like Daft Punk and John Williams had sex and this song was born! I can't even call this a song...this is a MUSICAL COMPOSITION! A masterpiece of its time! It shows the genius/capabilities (Not that we didn't already know) that these electronic Gods possess. Thank you for blessing us, unworthy peasants, with your heavenly serenades. DAFT PUNK 4 COACHELLA 2011!!!!

Part 2:

All That You Give ft. Mindy Gledhill:

In an EDM world heavily based on European power houses, Kaskade handles his business and tops the  charts, all while reppin' the Ooh-Es-of AY! GET EM! This Big Room B33t will blow anyone off their feet! The vocals are dope and the song in its entirety has a nice heavier house over what he normally puts out.

All I Ask of You Ft. Penny:

Another b33t that makes me go WOW! If you're listening to it now, you probably didn't guess that SKRILLEX produced it! If you don't know, he currently produces under deadmau5's label, Mau5trap. The sounds are very apparent: really strong progressive house feel like something...well...deadmau5 might make. Complete turn around from his normal electro filth! A pleasant change and a GREAT track! HARVEST HARVEST HARVEST. 

Half way to the weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grime Time!


    What it do, b33t farmers! Had to go to the b33t swamp to nab these dirty chunes. One is a FILTHY dubstep track a friend of mine showed me over the weekend and the other is a nice grimy take on a normally mellow Nosaj tune. Enjoy! 

Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix):

Don't think, just harvest! This song makes me want to curl into the fetal position and cry. Crippling, sinful, and oh so delightful. You can't help but frown! 

Coat of Arms (Boreta Remix):

Wow! Boreta of The Glitch Mob does it dirty with this flavorful b33t! He completely turns the original of this song around with some heavylicious synth and ten tons of bass! Head banger!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fine Wine-3!

      Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I've been busy/was gone over the weekend but to make it up to you dedicated b33t farmers, instead of just one track for today's Fine Wine Post, imma hitchu wid lyke three or fo'. Lezgo!
For those who don't know, Fine Wine consists of a song that I feel needs more then just 1 listen to fully appreciate and love. Many times the tracks tend to be trance (like in today's case) but I guarantee that after a few listens you'll see what all the love for the music is all about!

Gareth Emery:
I only came to discover Gareth Emery after seeing the ETD POP line up for 2010 way back when. I was too lazy to search for tracks before hand so when I got there I was completely clueless as to what he would bring to the table. To make this short: I was mind blown! Ridiculous producer as well as his live DJing. His style compares to Kaskade, Ferry Corsten, and AVB. Here are two tracks off his 2010 album Northern Lights. Definitely recommend you guys to go buy the whole thing.


Click Here to Harvest
ZOMG. Once this track gets going, it don't stop! Easily one of my favorites off the entire album.

Best part: The build @around 1:35 to the drop @around 1:41!!!!!!!

Into the Light ft. Mark Frisch:

Click Here to Harvest
Beastly breakdown and drop starting around 3:22. 

Above & Beyond:
These guys get a ton of hype 24/7 and again due to my laziness, I've been missing out on their music. Last night I forced myself to go digging for some tracks and I am now on that hype as well. These guys have a very original sound and really take time to lead the listener on a journey above and beyond! (Thumbs up for my attempt at a l33t pun).

On A Good Day (Metropolis) (Extended Mix):

On A Good Day (Metropolis) (J Majik & Wickaman Remix):

Click Here to Harvest

I am far from being a fan of Drum & Bass but this remix RIPS!!! "Unce" times one thousand!!!!!

REMEMBER! Do yourself and the producers of these tracks a favor and make sure to listen to these songs through GOOD speakers or headphones. None of that built in laptop shit or iphone head phones.
Your appreciation levels will overload!!!!
One thing I will say that is kind of tacky about trance is the lyrics haha....still love it though!

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PS: I like all types of music so if you guys got b33ts that you want to share, put em in our drop box!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Womp

         Hello fellow b33t farmers! Today, I decided to mix things up a little and bring you a few dubstep traxXx. I'm going to reiterate that I am not big on dubstep but these few tracks had the right elements of what I PERSONALLY feel that all dubstep music should some what entail: Not too much of that womp and wobble as to the point where it sounds like your VCR is eating up the tape inside (You guys still own VCRs right???), the womp and wobble should follow the melody or tune (ex. of not following this rule: Raise your Weapon by Deadmau5. Builds so nicely then it drops and sounds terrible....). Lastly, the track has got to make you feel like a dirty human being! ^_^. Anyways, hurr you go:

Blue Skies (Flux Pavilion Remix):

I love Flux! He fits all 3 categories of what I like to hear! He has friendly melodies, intense build ups, then drops it hard with just the amount of the screech, wobble, and womp! 

I Love U So (TROWA Remix):

This song caught me off guard like no other! Not overpowering, but hits hard! Perfect song. 

I Love You So (KRUSHA Dubstep Remix):

Okay, now this song pushes the borderline of what I like/don't like. Super heavy on the womp which I LIKE if done properly. At times, Krusha over does it, ruining the aspect of the original song. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Here's Raise Your Weapon, just so you guys get an idea of what I'm talking about. 

For 5 FREAKING MINUTES, it builds so beautifully and then it turns to blah. The drop has no melodic connection the rest of the song....Make sure you listen from the verrry beginning. This song is like seeing a hot girl from far away then getting closer and realizing she's just a beat @$$ hoe....
And while I'm still ranting, the thing that ticks me off is that this song could've been EPIC.....

ANYWAYS, Enjoy thy Fr33kend

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Relaxation in Pandora

Winter is here! Grab yourself a nice hot cup of coco, light the fireplace and let these orchestral vibes shimmy down your spine like Santa Clause shimmys down chimneys. When your looking to zone out often Pandora offers you some of the best/most relaxing music around. Here are some of my favorite discoveries on Pandora

Stay Crunchy - Ronald Jenkees

Lingus (Original Mix) - Oneworld

Finally Moving - Pretty Lights

-adam ski-field


!!!!! Im excited to introduce, for those who don't know (and if you don't know, you should be a litttle ashamed of yourself), the deadly, dynamic, dirty, delicious, duo JACK BEATS! I've always been a big fan of their music but I didn't know too much about them SO I put on my detective hat and did a little research! 
The guy on the left is Beni G, a scratch DJ from the late 90's/early '00s. The guy on the right is Plus One, also a retarded-good scratch DJ (won the DJ Mixing Champions world title in '01, son!). After learning about their backgrounds, their music style makes a lot more sense to me. They got the wobble, the scratch, the dance, the funk, the whine, and allllll that good stuff in every delectable track. Their scratching backgrounds are especially apparent in their music; very unique and absolutely face melting!
Super "Stoked"! Enough of my typing, lets get to the music:


Feel Too Good (Jack Beats Remix):

Warm your neck up with this bodacious b33t.

Out of Body (Original Mix):

Neck brace!

Super Sharp Shooter (Jack Beats Reeeeeemixxx):


Plus One doing his thang-tha-thang!

Keep it grimy

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mondays suck. GRUM!


Day light savings. Don't know if I like it or not. Just got finished with a terrible calc. test. Probably got an F, but it's fine! 
Today, I bring you GRUM! Hailing from the UK, this man blends beautiful disco sounds to grooving 80's back beats along with a lot of synth, synth, synth!
When I'm cruising on my yacht, on a hot, summer night on the Mediterranean, I'm playing GRUM!

Wherever We Are (GRUM remix):

If you were only able to harvest 1 b33t today, this is it! 

Through the Night:

Can't Shake This Feeling:

Feeeeel ittt, feeeel it. Put this b33t in your basket.

Little bonus! New Deadmau5 world exclusive on BBC radio! I wish I could talk trash on the mau5 but he keeps dropping ridiculous tracks!!!! Pretty dope! All I could find was a YouTube vid:

The build at 2:35 is INTENSE!

Enjoy your week!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wolfgang Gartner on Radio 1.

Last night, Wolfgang Gartner performed his debut essential mix on BBC's Radio 1. I recently learned that Gartner originally got his start playing at local bars and lounges in San Luis Obispo, CA! Now he is tearing it up world wide, gaining prestige and popularity as one of the best electro/house DJ's to date. It's nice to see a US DJ/producer at the top of the charts against a dominant European/rest of the world scene.
If you missed last night's show, BBC is airing it for 6 more days to listen to at your leisure! Check it OUT!


PS. Gartner will be at TAO! Get your tickets NAO! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Too much good stuff!

^I lyk3 l4z0rz!!!!

WOWOWOWOWOW too much good music has been flooding teh interwebz lately. I couldn't keep this post in a specific category so I'm going to toss you a few b33ts that will challenge your EDM plethora. The  songs range from some boogie get down tunes to absolute neck breakers! It's the FrEaKeNd! Get to it and harvest these b33ts!

It's Love (Charles I Remix):

I don't know what it is about this b33t, but it's funky and fresh and reminds me of the 70's...
Warm up the palate with this b33t cuz whats coming next is going to squeeze thy soul!

Gold Guns Girls (Betatraxx Remix):

I'm going to do a better post on Betatraxx but if you like Skrillex, dubstep, heavy synth, and drum N bass sound, you'll LOVE Betatraxx!

Now...for the ultimate PHACE MELT!!!!

Need Your Loving (Felix Cartel Remix):

This is one rotten b33t! and I mean that it THEE BEST way possible! After listening to this bad boy you'll need to go to church to cleanse yourself from your sins! SUPER FILTHY!!!! 
I know its a little old but I just got it in 320 so HARVEST NOW!
(Prepare yourself @2:32)

happy friday,


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ghostland Observatory!...and 1 other song

'Ello friends! Today I bring you an interesting Indie-Rock-Electronic group, Ghostland Observatory! I was first introduced to this group by a friend of mine and after one listen of "Sad Sad City" I was hooked. The simple keyboard/synth lines and clever lyrics make this band a fun listen. Give 'em a try.

Sad Sad City:

Piano Man:

This up tempo song will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head to the b33t! Beware of the nasty piano solo! Boy can play *_*

Give Me the Beat:

When you're riding in your B33t Mobile with your boiz (or hoez), roll down the wagon tarp and let this one play

Just because I am too lazy to make another post...

This song came out a few weeks ago but I finally got my hands on a version in 320 kbps :)
Now I know there is a lot of controversy/personal feelings when it comes to the mau5 but it would be ignorant to discredit his production abilities. He may seem like a main stream sell out, his live production might have got a little sh*ttier but he makes SLAPS! 

Sofi Needs a Ladder:

"Drop you like a needle on the record, flip a switch!"
Catchy chune with a lotta 'TUDE!


ALMOST AT 5HUNNIT! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS A FAN OF FRESHB33TS ON FACEBOOK! Keep spreading the electrlove! (ee-lek-trrrluhv)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I know November is a little early to be talking about New Years but Insomniac has already put out part of the Together As One line up and it is RIDICULOUS! Some big names like Laidback Luke, Markus Schulz, WOLFGANG GARTNER, Jack Beats, Nero, and many, many more have been slotted to play at this New Years extravaganza! Here's the teaser video and a few songs I like from a few of the artists to warm up your appetite. Don't get left out.

(The song playing is some remix of Angel On My Shoulder -Kaskade)

Till Tonight (Ferry Corsten Fix)

Ferry adds a nice trance feel to this Laidback Luke bizzanger. Nice prog. house track.

Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix):

Hang on to your head! This song has got the ultimate wobble! Great build ups and beastly bomb drops!

California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix):

This one has got a nice  underground hip hop feel and is geared for those who can't handle the heavier electro filth. Slightly reminds me of Pretty Lights...
I wish I could rap. 

Dec. 31! 


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