Thursday, October 21, 2010

Work Out Slaps

^OH DAYUMMM!!! me likey!

So the other day, my friend Melvin was like "Yo, I dig your blog, I listen to a lot of the music when I work out" and bam, it hit me like a lightening bolt! So today, I compiled some tracks that'll get you out of your chair and into the gym. A healthy life is a healthy body! Don't keep thinking that people will accept you for who you are because no one wants a fat friend! Just kidding about that last part :) (sort of...)

Crime Wave (LA Riots Remix):


Get that heart rate up with some cardio! Just follow that back beat and keep those feet moving! 

Hard Music v.1 (Brain Crash):


Raver (Bullwack Remix):


Grab some weights and swing em around like glow sticks to this wild b33t!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dirty Disco Youth):


Lift those weights harder, get better, run faster, and in the end, you'll get stronger! (I fail at trying to be clever -_-)
 This is one dirty work out b33t! Harvest harvest harvest!

*Stupid YouTube disabled the "Embed" code.

"There's nothing wrong with being strong!"
You can quote me for that one!

Help us reach 5-hunnit!

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