Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Mix

^The future.

This post doesn't really have too much of a "theme". I recently just came up on tons of new music so here are a couple songs that I dig. 
BTW, how sick is that double toilet? 

Sucker Ft. Steep Bass Project
Just some classic electro! Super heavy

Push/Rise (LightsoverLA Re-edit) 

THIS song is a must harvest! Sounds like something Daft Punk would make! Robots, shredding guitar solos and moar! I can't get over how awesome this song is.

House Music

A Benny Benassi song I personally have never heard...NBD. I'm not sure but some sources say he collabed with Afrojack on this tune. Sounds about right; Its very horn-y. lololol By that I mean there is a lot of that Afro-horn sound.


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