Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Grab Bag

^Pawn Stars rules! roflcopter!

It's been a while since I've done an update. School is pwning me hardcore right now. On a brighter note, HARD HAUNTED MANSION THIS WEEKEND! Saturday sold out! Hope to see you dirty farmers getting even dirtier on the dance flo'! I'm not going to lie, I got too lazy to do a Hard Haunted Mansion post pt 2. but to make up for it, I got a few fresh b33ts that have been blowing up on music blogs all over "teh interwebz"!

I Love Batucada (Dero Animal Drums Mix):

Jungle Cadence! Got a great tribal back beat and drops pretty damn hard! Watch out

Hey Sexy Lady (Laidback Luke Remix):


I might get flamed for posting this one, but I got 2 words for you "EFF-YOU!" It sounds like Mr. Luke messed around with Pjanoo (Eric Prydz) and used it as his hook. Nonetheless the big room bass has me hooked. This one is for those who like a more main stream, pop sound....and for the sexy ladies! meeeeyooww *wink wink* (Jk)

Last but definitely NOT least....


Click Here to Harvest
I am at a loss for words.... Dada Life never fails to break yo face with some heavy, healthy, hyphy-rific electro b33ts! This song is spreading like wildfire on the interwebs but let me tell you...NONE OF THEM ARE GIVING IT TO YOU IN 320 KBPS! :) In return, make sure you listen to this song through some quality speakers.


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