Monday, October 25, 2010

Jungle B33ts

 I would imagine these songs would be bumpin' if you happened to get lost in the Amazon and came across a s33krit forest, rave. Let the animal inside of you take over when you listen to these savage, tribal, jungle b33ts. Beast mode, HEY!

Hey ft. Diplo (Original Mix):

This song is a collaboration between Laidback Luke and Diplo. The bass keeps coming! Get the party started with this track then blow everyone's face off with....
Westside (Dillon Francis Moombahton Edit)!!!!:

Funky, fresh b33t! You know what they say...
THA WEST SIDE IS THA BEST SIDE!!! word to yo mutha!


Almost at fivehunnrit. Do your part and we might do a special post once we get there:

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