Sunday, October 31, 2010

HHM 2010 recap!

^Thee Almighty Rusko!

I am at a loss for words for the epicness experienced at Hard Haunted Mansion 2010 this past Saturday! (I only was able to go 1 day *sad face).
The night began at the main stage, cutting rug to Busy P. After a face melting set, He announced that Mr. Oizo was unable to make it to the evenings event due to "shitty administration". WTF, HARD?! 
BUT, before anyone could get angry, Busy P then called out a special, surprise guest....
At first, I was like "who the hell is pitplot?!" Then I heard some girl go "ZOMG DIPLO!"  
Pretty much, you guys get the idea of how great my Saturday night was. Here are some dope live vids of the action taken by yours truly.

RUSKO opening up his set! 

Lines In Wax Ft. Foreign Beggars -Flux Pavilion

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I think this vid was the beginning of his set...He dropped beat bombs all night long!
Menace - Hz & Tones Cat:[FBLOOD003]
This banger is coming out late November on Fake Blood's music label "Blood Music"! Be on the look out!

moar fake blud!

I Think I Like It (Original Mix)

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annnddd one more fake bluhd vid!! his set was epic!

Fifty What (Dem Slackers Remix) -Sandro Silva & Anjiro Rijo

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So as you can tell, Rusko and Fake Blood were the two high lights of my night, but that doesn't mean everyone else (crookers! diplo! sebastian! etc...) weren't awesome! Truly a filthy night of filthy electro! If anyone knows the song names to any of the videos posted, please let me know!


OH i forgot to mention. On the way to Hard, My friends and I got stuck in an elevator for 35 minutes! 12 people, small elevator, me slightly claustrophobic, plus heat = almost lost my mind.
In the end it made my night 69x more special :)

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