Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hard Haunted Mansion 2010 (pt. 1, day 1):

This coming wild Halloween weekend (Oct. 30-31st), I will be gassin' down 101 South to attend the extravagant Hard Haunted Mansion! Sadly, I can only go the first day due to having school on Monday and stuff but IT'S all good because they have a FILTHY line up for both days!
Here is part 1(of artists playing on day 1) of some tracks that I dig/hope I get to hear from a few of these artists. Enjoy!
OH, also, If you're in CA, might as well go! (If you're not in CA, might as well go!) HARDFEST.COM

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We Are From Venice (La Serenissima):
(HEAD BANGER!! does anyone know what "La Serenissima" means?)

We Love Animals (ft. Soulwax & Mixhell):

No Security ft. Kelis (Bart B More Remix):
(If you don't feel like plucking all these sweet b33ts, MAKE SURE TO HARVEST THIS ONE!)

Hold On ft. Amber Coffman:
(She got a sexy voice, yo!)


Fake Blood:
I don't have too much of Fake Blood's music but EVERYONE tells me he rips live, so I'm super "stoked"!
I Think I Like It (Tommy Sunshine & Figure present Ecstasy Edit):

(wobble wobble wobble)


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